Bellator Just Can't Win

This Saturday was another one where both a Bellator card and a UFC card occurred on the same night. As usual, all of the buildup within the press was focused on the UFC card...all of the mainstream attention and buzz was really around the UFC.

The UFC card was even getting buzz in the form of anti-buzz where people were asking if the Fox card was keeping it from getting buzz. There was buzz about it possibly not having enough buzz.

Bellator adjusted their start time as they always do and things seemed to be going quite well.

Hector Lombard crushed another guy in Trevor Prangley who had lost most of his recent fights. Lombard continues to live up to his sort of role as the poor man's Anderson Silva...he's on a huge unbeaten streak...much huger than Anderson's and he fights much more often than Anderson...but his opposition is many steps below the level that Anderson faces in the UFC.

Either way, he serves his purpose and continues to build an aura of invincibility that Bellator can market. The only other active fighter on an unbeaten streak bigger then Lombard as UFC Bantamweight Renan Barao.

The main event was a Lightweight title fight between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler. Alvarez was Bellator's top 5 champion...their champ who had two losses, one at welterweight, and was on a 7 fight win streak. He was their top guy...and they were even working on a rematch between him and the only lightweight to ever beat him, Shinya Aoki.

Chandler is an undefeated prospect...but nowhere near as heralded or well known as Alvarez...Alvarez had a name and a high ranking. Chandler was the latest tournament winner that most people didn't know by name alone.

What should have been a win for Alvarez to set up his Aoki rematch ended up being a loss to a guy who is a great prospect...but ultimately was pretty unheralded. With it, the most relevant LW fight to be made outside of Zuffa went out the window. Bellator could probably still line up the Alvarez vs Aoki rematch...but now it wouldn't be to get one of their champs to avenge a would be to try and build him back up by avenging a loss....and if Aoki wins again things will just be worse.

But the small consolation prize for Bellator was that the fight was a back and forth war. It was the type of fight that would have people talking about, telling people about, and trying to get their friends to look up. Right?


Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua happened to trump Bellator's 'Great fight' with 'One of the greatest fights ever' later on in the night. As if Bellator didn't have enough problems as it were with a new guy becoming champ...they can't even get the extra odd headline about their great main event without everyone giving even MORE praise to the BETTER main event at UFC 139.

Bellator just can't win.

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