Random Musings after UFC 139

Lets get right into it! 

  • Shamar Bailey got punked on the ground, I wasn't the biggest fan of the stoppage but it looked like Bailey was broken. 
  • Seth Baczynski vs Matt Brown was just a fun fight. I've never really been sure what to make of Matt Brown but he won me over last night with an awesome no gi sissors sweep. And then after Baczynski finished the choke, one of my favorite moments of the night, Brown was clearly distraught he got caught in the choke. Baczynski could have gotten up and celebrated and nobody would have said a thing, but his fight act is to start comforting Brown. I had a "God I love this sport" in that moment. 
  • Great night for front head lock chokes, between Seth Baczynski, Faber and the nasty D'arce Chris Weidman used to but Tom Lawlor to bed. They weren't just nasty and tight jokes, but wonderful, technical leg work also.
  • Also a good night for the old 1990's Carlson Gracie team. Miguel Torres was the energizer bunny of death last night, with just an awesome pace, doing damage from every position and every moment of the fight. And then Stephen Bonnar gave a clinic in how to use side control to control a bigger and stronger opponent.  
  • Rick Story has fallen from grace. I was willing to write off the Brenneman loss with an impressive performance tonight and I expected him to physically overwhelm Martin Kampmann. But Kampmann was just excellent last night, holding off Story's assaults on the feet with good, technical Muay Thai and then just flowing around Story on the ground.  
  • Story looked like the classic wrestler with out much BJJ knowledge beyond some basic defenses, from the bottom of half guard he was flat on his back, not hip escaping and just grabbing on to Kampmann and looking at the ref to come save him. His scrambling was good, but once he got to all fours he gave up his back with out any fight. In short, Story is starting to strongly remind of a 170 lb Tyson Griffin
  • Urijah Faber is fast. I mean really fast. Like how is he still the fastest guy in all of his fights when he dropped a weight class? I want to see Faber vs Demetrious Johnson just to see who is quicker. Bowles had no answer for that speed. 
  • On any other card, we are all talking about Wanderlei vs Cung this morning. Awesome fight, both fighters showed great heart and grit. I was very impressed by Cung, while I am a fan of his I questioned his ability to hang in the UFC and I think he proved he is tough enough into hang. 
  • Shogun vs Hendo.... just awesome. This was Stephen Bonnar vs Forrest Griffin 1 expect both guys are well, not just good but excellent! Back and forth, a fight that told a story in greatest way. Let this forever be the example used to drive home the point that 5 round main events are AWESOME. I couldn't help think "What if this had been on Fox?" and I know that is unfair, but still....
  • I straight up lost my mind when Shogun, bruised and battered, holding on to half guard for his life rolled for a heel hook. Or when Hendo was giving his post fight interview being held up by his corner. There are no words for how amazing that fight was. 
  • On a scoring note, I agree with the score cards, but I feel in a street sense that Rua won the fight. He took the best of what Hendo had to take and then took the fight over late, but in the context of the 10 Point system, Hendo won. 
  • One final thought, I've seen Hendo do this when mounted against Jake Shields and now Shogun:  11_medium

    Now I am a fan of Hendo, but will somebody... please... GO FOR A F*CKING ARMBAR!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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