URCC Rogue Black Tie Brawl Results: Sapno Takes Interim Title, Ramirez and Chope Win Big

Among the stacked line up of MMA shows this weekend, was a unique kind of show put on by URCC and Rogue Magazine at the New World Hotel last night. The moment you step foot in the hotel, you would already know that it's not the typical MMA show fight fans are used to.

The guests, which included celebrities, models, musicians, politicians, and other big wigs from different nationalities, were all wined and dined, before catching six action packed MMA bouts at this Black Tie Brawl.

BloodyElbow.com was on hand for the event, and the standouts from the 6-fight line up were two of the younger guys on the card. The always popular, Alvin Ramirez, and the 6-foot-4, Phuket Top Team fighter, Will 'The Kill' Chope both picked up impressive first round victories on Saturday night.

A calm and composed Ramirez fended off a very game and aggressive opponent in Mark Dialogo, until he landed a picture perfect head kick KO. Chope's fight, on the other hand, went exactly the same as his URCC XX bout two weeks ago. His opponent, Miguel Alo, tried to clinch up and take him down, but Chope again, used his height and leverage well, eventually sinking a tall-man choke, and his second standing guillotine finish in two weeks.

After the jump, full results, and the main event action that crowned an interim featherweight champion.

The event was supposed to be headlined by URCC Featherweight Champ, Eric Kelly, but after a bunch of controversy and personal issues from the champ that even had him talking about moving to Malaysia, he had to pull off from the bout at the last minute. It was headlined instead by an interim title bout between Ricardo Sapno, and Reydon "The Filipino Bolo Punch" Romero, who just came off an upset victory over Jessie Rafols in an all out war two weeks ago.

The two faced off and engaged in a back and forth slug-fest during the opening round. Romero was getting the better of the exchanges earlier on, but he was already showing signs of fatigue during the latter moments of that 10-minute first round. As the second 10-minute round drew on, both fighters were clearly worn out. 'The Filipino Bolo Punch' failed to finish a very deep triangle choke, and when they were able to get up, he was landing shots just running on pure heart. A knee knocked the mouthpiece off Sapno, and as the break in the action had both fighters stand on the corners, Romero's body finally gave up and he collapsed by the ropes.

I applaud him for his heart and guts, but he shouldn't have taken this bout to begin with. At this stage in the game, you need your body to peak at the proper time to be at your best during fight night. Not only did he not do that, but his cornermen even told us that Romero just spent majority of that 14 days between fights trying to recover from that war against Rafols. Most of the effects on Romero was from the toll it took on his body after having two all out wars in two weeks, but I really hate to take away anything from Sapno, who did show a lot of potential during that bout. It was the biggest win of his career, and as he improved his record to 4-1, he won the Interim URCC Featherweight Title, and a future shot at the popular and dangerous Eric Kelly.

Full Results:

- Ricardo Sapno def. Reydon Romero by TKO, R2.
- Melchor Cases def. Mitch Malii by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 4:26 R1
- Alvin Ramirez def. Mark Dialogo by KO (Head Kick), 2:39 R1
- Will Chope def. Miguel Alo by Submission (Standing Guillotine Choke), 3:34 R1
- Keith Mangusan def. Rendel Camasi by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 0:36 R1
- Mario Sismundo def. Bong Garchitorena by TKO (Punches), R1

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