How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of November


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse



" GSP is here and his knee is not hurt"  -Cesar Gracie

"The day I make $200k in one fight and complain about not having enough money, someone please slap me in the face."  -Charlie Brenneman, on Nick Diaz and Cesar Gracie constantly complaining about cash.

"Goodmornig everyone...!!! Just a heads up im at a specialist now. Arm isnt broken, but i almost fully tore my ligaments??? Ill ask more questions when i get out Ill post again."  -Brandon Vera

"if you think i won or just enjoyed my fight please let know. love fighting for them"  -Eliot Marshall, that was a draw at best, and to be honest, it wasn't a very entertaining fight for the most part.

"BABY JAY...Mahalo my friend..if tonight is the last...thank you for being a warrior, a champion, a gentleman and a true friend!!!"  -Mike Goldberg

"I still have my liver. Apparently it tried to jump out of my pee hole Sat night but while i was vomiting out of a car window it redecided"  -Matt Mitrione

"I just rewatched Faber vs Cruz. I cannot believe it's possible for anyone on the planet to fight at that pace for 5 rounds"  -Sean McCorkle, what about a slow pace and less than 5 minutes without gassing?



" didn't just step aside. Gsp is choosing to fight nick... last I checked "carlos is the harder fight." So I guess now he'll fight nick. Wasn't our choice and def not happy about it, BUT It is what it is, and we'll figure some things out. In the mean time, I'm sure Is going to make it worth his while ;)"  -Malki Kawa, Carlos Condit's agent.

"Just thinking!That dude should of took thefight with me on a week notice bc if he HADa chance2make it aclose fight,It was then,NOW 0 chance... Hey KAWA don't open ur mouth bc your (client) CAN'T cash this -CHECK!!!!!!!"  -Josh Koscheck

"Just for the recored, I'll be ready to fight again by Feb 4 :) Training for_____________????"  -Josh Koscheck


There's a ton of tweets after the jump, but first, don't forget to follow me on twitter: @antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter Account, Luke ThomasKid NateBrent BrookhouseLeland RolingRichard Wade, Jonathan Snowden, Chris Barton, Damon O, Scott Broussard, Tim Burke, Matt Bishop, Fraser Coffeen, Dallas Winston, KJ Gould


"Big Day. I won the UFC twitter bonus for most creative, and I am on the cover of this coming month's Fight! magazine."  -Joe Lauzon

"I went from 2600 followers on June 21 to 7832 followers today. I worked hard for that bonus, how close was I?!? "  -Charlie Brenneman

"Irony: found put on twitter I won a prize for tweeting"  -Forrest Griffin

"When the says most creative what they obviously mean is incoherent ramblings"  -Forrest Griffin



"if i see one more chick in her underwear and wings i'm going to lose it.. WTF are you?! "  -Logan Stanton, Victoria's Secret angels?

"Women dress like sluts on halloween; that's a given. Alarming new Vegas trend dudes dress like sluts on halloween.or"straight"guys dress gay"  -Forrest Griffin

"Oh and Leonard Garcia is here in costume"  -UFC


"Happy Halloween!!!"  -Carlos Condit


"Happy Halloween every1!"  -Miesha Tate




"My full Blanka...look!"  -Seth Petruzelli


"My ursula costume :) evil biotch!!"  -Arianny Celeste


Happy Halloween to all of you, Godspeed & Party on!!"  -Bas Rutten




"Toxic twins! :) happy halloween!"  -Brittney Palmer


"Happy Hump Day!!! *Halloween version ;) -Natasha Wicks






"Look who is watching some UFC fights tonight!"  -Ekc, no, the K-1 star isn't dressed up for Halloween.


"Funny Caption Contest."  -Carlos Condit



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