Bloody Elbow Product Review: Jaco Convertable Equipment Bag

via JACO Clothing

In my time on BJJ mats and Muay Thai rings, there has been one product that I have yearned for, almost obsessively. It wasn't a fantastic pair of gloves or a great rash guard. It wasn't even a piece of headgear that could fit over my massive dome. No, that product is the Jaco Convertable Equipment Bag. I was getting tired of having to use my backpack for my gi while using an old Umbro soccer training bag for my gloves and other essentials. The Jaco bag changes everything.

The first thing I noticed is that the bag is absolutely massive. As a backpack it was able to hold not just my gi, but also my boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards, headgear, change of clothes, towel, and cup in the main compartment. There are two side compartments as well. One is insulated to keep your water or sports drink cold while the other is meant to hold your mouthguard and valuables. There is also a top velour-lined pocket to hold sunglasses and other products that you don't want scratched.

I brought this bag to first day back at the gym which was BJJ. Afterwards my Gi was absolutely soaked, as was the rash guard I wore underneath. The bottom of the bag unzips and expands to a wet bag. The compartment is mesh-netted so that the gear can dry faster and while clothing in the other part remains dry. 

What makes this product so great? It's probably the sheer size. I travel quite a bit from Texas to New Jersey as well as go to the gym. This bag is large enough to replace my travel bag for most trips. For the gym it's an absolute necessity to have something this big. It can hold all the equipment and allows me to keep a change of clothing if I wanted to go out to dinner afterwards.


  • It's gigantic. Which means you can use it for everything instead of having multiple bags for multiple classes.
  • Different compartments make this an "all-in-one" product. 
  • Wet bag area is possibly the best feature. Mesh-netting allows gear to air dry.
  • Can either be worn as a backpack or carried as an equipment bag.
  • None
Price Point: $119.99
Backpack Configuration Dimensions: 23″ × 16″ × 12″
Duffle Bag Configuration Dimensions: 35″ × 16″ × 12″

Durability: Seems solid. Haven't been able to put much wear and tear on it since I've only had it for a week but it seems tough as hell and great stitching.

Washability: Easy to air out with the mesh netting and the wet bag makes it easy to wipe down and air dry. 

You can buy it here.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for review. This doesn't change my opinion of the product. 

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