Taking A Look: The Consensus Top 25 Light Heavyweight Rankings

This is the introduction: The part where I tell you that the SB Nation / USA Today Consensus MMA rankings were posted fairly recently and that I'm here to analyze, criticize, bitch and moan about the finer details of the rankings. Why? Because I feel like it. Enjoy, and remember, you can bitch, moan, discuss or praise all you want in the comments, that's the name of the game.

  1. Jon Jones - UFC
  2. Mauricio Rua - UFC
  3. Rashad Evans - UFC
  4. Quinton Jackson - UFC
  5. Lyoto Machida - UFC
  6. Dan Henderson - UFC
  7. Phil Davis - UFC
  8. Forrest Griffin - UFC
  9. Gegard Mousasi - Strikeforce
  10. Rafael Cavalcante - Strikeforce
  11. Muhammed Lawal - Strikeforce
  12. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - UFC
  13. Alexander Gustafsson - UFC
  14. Rich Franklin - UFC
  15. Tito Ortiz - UFC
  16. Thiago Silva - UFC
  17. Ryan Bader - UFC
  18. Vladimir Matyushenko - UFC
  19. Cyrille Diabate - UFC
  20. Renato Sobral - NOT Strikeforce
  21. Stanislav Nedkov - UFC
  22. Roger Gracie - Strikeforce
  23. Ryan Jimmo - MFC
  24. Kyle Kingsbury - UFC
  25. Brandon Vera - UFC

I'll start with the easy point, Zuffa dominance. The UFC themselves has 19 of the top 25 Light Heavywights. Via Strikeforce, Zuffa as a whole has 23 of the top 25.

Renato Sobral is ranked at #20 and credited as being with Strikeforce. All reports of his potential matchup with Hector Lombard stated he was a free agent I think I'll buy that, but maybe those sources were wrong. Either way, how is he at #20? He is the 20th best Light Heavyweight in the WORLD? He is 2-1 in his last 3, which is fair...but the 2 losses were brutal first round knockouts. The 1 win was a catchweight fight with Robbie Lawler, who fights at middleweight and hasn't been doing that well in general either way. Sobral has not beaten a light heavyweight since January of 2009 when he took out Sokoudjou. He hasn't fought period in nearly a year. Those type of results on this type of inactive schedule should have him falling out of the top 25.

Tied at #22 is Ryan Jimmo. Ryan f'cking Jimmo. He is 16-1 on a 16 fight win streak, has defended his MFC Light Heavyweight title twice...but I don't know if I buy him as a top 25-er. I mean, wasn't his last fight proclaimed as a boring atrocity? And didn't a lot of people score it for Soko anyway?

I just don't see the logic, 15 fight win streak, nope, not a top 25-er, but a 16 fight win streak with a win over a name opponent that a lot of people thought he should have lost, and he is at #22? That sort of seems like his ranking was totally based on just how many wins he could get, not over the level of competition OR the quality of the performances.

That doesn't make a crap-load of sense to me...but it certainly lends credence to my theory of 'Go on a big win streak somewhere over any calibre of opponents, and you automatically climb the top 25 rankings'

But oh well, that's just my two cents. See everyone around again for the MW rankings.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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