This Week at MMA Mania (11/13-11/19)

Hello fellow travelers. As a self-proclaimed "Daywalker," I roam between both Bloody Elbow and MMA Mania each and every day, reading as many great articles as I can.

In an effort to help bridge the gap of the silly feud, I will continue to try to bring solid content from MMA Mania to BE each and every Saturday morning. Perhaps you'll become fans of some of our writers, but in the worst case scenario, you can read at least some snippets of some of the best that Mania has to offer each week.

If anyone is concerned that I'm doing this to give a shameless plug to myself, I'll let you know right now that yes, I sure as hell am. But I'm also bringing some of my favorite other articles.

Without further ado, here's plenty of extra reading material if you've got nothing better to do today before UFC 139:

Bellator 58

Interview with Michael Chandler (by myself and Matt Bishop from Bloody Elbow Radio)

"I'm always gonna be pressing forward, always gonna be in his face and I'm not gonna let him breathe at all for as long as the fight goes on whether it be five minutes or 25 minutes. I'm pretty much gonna bring the pressure the whole fight and I don't think that's something that he has had ever in his career. He's never fought a guy that's gonna be able to push the pace like I am and is as dangerous as I am in any part of the fight"

Interview with Eddie Alvarez (by myself and Matt Bishop from episode 100 of Bloody Elbow Radio)

"I spent the last three and a half months convincing myself that Mike Chandler actually has a shot at beating me and I sincerely convince myself every training camp that whoever fights me, they have a shot, they have a sincere shot of beating me and dominating me and that sort of is what drives me every training camp to push as hard as I do."

UFC 139

UFC 139 odds and betting guide (by Patrick L. Stumberg)

"On both the under card and the main card, I think you're going to find the most success with a careful selection of favorites rather than banking on an underdog. To wit, the three guys I have my eye on are Castillo, Torres and Tibau."

Interview with Seth Baczynski (by Adam Guillen Jr.)

"I have four kids, so until I start making enough money to assure that they can still live the same lifestyle that they live I will keep working as a pump technician, a lot of physical labor. It's testing to say the least. I Just try to cruise to it and do my thing. I never try to look at the whole week , I just look at the workout I have after work, what I have to do at work for and at the gym for that day. Get home and enjoy my family as much as I can and take it one step at a time."

Interview with Brian Bowles (by myself)

"Oh man, I totally expect to get booed. I would be disappointed if I didn't get booed, you know what I mean? It's not like I'm expecting them to boo me, they're just booing whoever he's fighting, no matter who would be walking out, they'll be booing. It's not personal to me. That type of stuff has never bothered me so it's just gonna be a fight. I know what's going on. I know where I'm at so it doesn't really matter."

Interview with Miguel Torres (by myself)

"I understand Firas' ideals and why he wants us to fight with a gameplan, to be smart but a lot of times that I've been fighting lately I feel like I'm fighting my nature. I have that high intensity and want to go out and put on a show and just perform but he wants me to stay safe, he wants me to have a long career and he's worried about me after the fight. He says, "After the fight, you want to be healthy, you don't want to be all messed up and broken and have brain damage, you know?" and I can totally understand that. The guys at Imperial Athletics, they're more about the glory and going out there for the kill so I think the best option for me is to find the perfect fusion of the two."

Interview with Nick Pace (by myself, Ben Thapa and Gerry Rodriguez)

Gerry Rodriguez: If you had to choke one of the guys out from The Jersey Shore, you can only pick one, which one would it be?

Nick Pace: First person that pops in my head is Mike, "The Situation" but on the other hand, it's Ronnie because, you know what bro? What are you doing with this girl? Ohh, it's terrible! You're getting me stressed out thinking about it man. I don't know, I guess I'll have to say Mike. The girls are all gross too, man. I guess Sammy's not but she ain't worth it. She is not worth it, dude.

Interview with Martin Kampmann (by myself)

"When I think about the fight, I try to visualize a three round war because if you visualize a first round stoppage and then you go in for the first round and you can't finish him, in your head it might fuck with you because you had that visualization that it was gonna finish in the first round. I always visualize three hard rounds and then if you get the finish early, that's just a bonus."


UFC on Fox winners and losers (by Kevin Haggerty)

As an organization, this was a HUGE night. The coverage was sensational. If you have Fuel TV, you were privileged to enjoy insightful and entertaining pre- and post-fight shows, which were unlike anything we've really ever seen before as fans. Many new fans tuned in to see just what the UFC is all about and they were treated to a thrilling heavyweight knockout. By most methods of measurement, this was a massive success for an organization that has come a long way since its inaugural foray just a short 18 years ago.


Also, you can't forget Mania's favorite son, AintNoSunshine

Ultimate Submissions: Dustin Poirier's D'Arce choke over Pablo Garza

The Striking Zone: Cung Le's Sanshou and spinning back kicks


Lastly, Sergio Hernandez did some fine work per usual:

History in the Making: Dan Henderson obliterates Michael Bisping at UFC 100

History in the Making: Wanderlei Silva crushes Rampage Jackson at Pride 28 

Enough about what Cain did wrong, praise JDS for what he did right

Thanks for checking this post out and I'll see you next Saturday!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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