DARE Championship to Donate Profits from Next Show to Thai Flood Victims


DARE Championship were forced to postpone their third event from December 3rd until January 7th because of the recent floods which have ravaged parts of Bangkok. In a show of solidarity the organizers have also decided to donate all the profits from the show to helping flood victims.

DARE Championship 1/12, so called because it is the first event of 2012, will feature seven fights with an announcement imminent about the structure of the fight card. It will be held in the Insomnia Night Club in Bangkok and will be streamed live on the internet and discussions with a number of broadcasters, both in Thailand and overseas, are at an advanced stage.

The last event, DARE Championship 2/11, took place in September with Malaysian welterweight Adam Kayoom defeating Korean Seok Mo Kim in the main event. There was also a big win for Polish fighter Krysztof Hajtalowicz  who handed Sweden's Wiktor Svensson the first loss of his professional career with a second round submission.

Since then DARE have been busy signing up fighters to multi fight deals with at least six shows currently scheduled for 2012. Among the mixed martial artists who have put pen to paper are exciting French fighter Arnaud Lepont who has an outstanding 7-1 record with all seven of his wins coming by way of stoppage.

DARE have a slightly unorthodox approach to promotion with fighters referred to by their nicknames rather than by their full name, Lepont for instance is known simply as 'The Game'. The Insomnia Night Club is a small venue which can barely accommodate 500 people but they are all pressed up tight against the cage which makes for an intense and almost claustrophobic atmosphere.

Fighters to have appeared on the first two events include Zorobabel Moreira, Brian Choi, Ferrid Kheder and Rodrigo Praxedes. With so many MMA camps now in Thailand and rapidly developing MMA scene in nearby Singapore and Malaysia DARE have a large roster of local fighters at their disposal.


Jussi Saloranta, the Head of PR and Fighter Relations at DARE, feels it is important for Dare to try and help the local community in Thailand,

"If we want to build the sport of MMA in Thailand the best way to do it is to show that the MMA community wants to support people in need. We plan to actually give the money to a construction company who will be able to use it to buy material and go into one of the affected areas so it will be a hands on approach which will have a very tangible benefit for the people affected by the floods."

DARE Championship 1/12 will be broadcast live on the internet and will be available at and The price is $4.95 in Thailand and $14.95 outside of Thailand and all the profits will be donated towards Thai flood victims.

For more information visit:

To give you a taste of the DARE experience here is Arnaud Lepont's fight with Jian Kai Chee from DARE Championship 1/11:


DARE Championship, DARE 1/11 - KAI vs THE GAME (via Darechampionship)

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