Your Weekend in Combat Sports (November 18-20)

Boy, we had a fun day on BE yesterday, didn't we?  Ahhh.

I don't blame or oppose the fellas here for writing about mainstream stories that can extend into the fight game, but it certainly does bring out some....interesting sides in people.

Friday November 18

3:30pm    ProElite: Big Guns (HDNet)
5:45am    John Molina Jr. vs. Rob Frankel (ESPN 3D)
5:45pm    Mark Jason Melligen vs. Sebastian Lujan (ESPN 3D)
7:00pm    Arturo Gatti vs. Tracy Harris Patterson (ESPN Classic)
7:00pm    UFC 139 Countdown (FSN)
8:00pm    Countdown to UFC 139 (HDNet)
8:00pm    Florencio Castellano vs. Joan Guzman (GoFightLive $9.99)
8:30pm    Ring of Combat 38 (GoFightLive $9.99)
8:30pm    CutThroat MMA: Brawl at Bourbon Street (GoFightLive $9.99)
9:00pm    Inside MMA w/Rich Franklin, Cung Le (HDNet)
9:00pm    Shark Fights (Fuel TV)
9:00pm    Showdown Fights: Evolution (GoFightLive $9.99)
9:00pm    XCW 45: Retribution (GoFightLive $9.99)
10:00pm    It's Showtime: Canary Islands (HDNet)
10:00pm    Shark Fights (Fuel TV)
11:00pm    Strikeforce Challengers: Britt vs. Sayers (Showtime)
11:45pm    Face Off: Cotto vs. Margarito (HBO)

Saturday November 19

12:00am    UFC 139 Countdown (Fuel TV)
12:30am    Countdown to UFC 139 (HDNet)
1:30am    Strikeforce Challengers: Britt vs. Sayers (Showtime Extreme)
1:30am    Inside MMA w/Rich Franklin, Cung Le (HDNet)
2:30am    It's Showtime: Canary Islands (HDNet)
3:00am    Shark Fights (Fuel TV)
4:30am    Tim Coleman vs. Vernon Paris (ESPN 3D)
7:00am    ESPN Films: The Real Rocky (ESPN Classic)
1:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
1:15pm    Anthony Dirrell vs. Kevin Engel (ESPN 3D)
1:15pm    Face Off: Cotto vs. Margarito (HBO2)
2:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
3:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
4:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
5:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
5:20pm    Bellator 58 Preliminaries (
6:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
6:20pm    UFC 139 Preliminaries (Facebook)
7:00pm    UFC Unleashed (Spike TV)
7:00pm    Bellator 58 (MTV2)
7:30pm    Chuck Mussachio vs. Garrett Wilson (GoFightLive $9.99)
8:00pm    UFC 139 Preliminaries (Spike TV)
8:00pm    Battle in the Desert 4: Mulkey vs. Chu (GoFightLive $14.99)
9:00pm    UFC 139: Henderson vs. Shogun (PPV)
9:00pm    Shark Fights (Fuel TV)
10:00pm    24/7 Cotto vs. Margarito (HBO)
10:30pm    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Peter Manfredo/Calvin Green vs. Joshua Clottey (HBO)
10:30pm    Fight Night: Round 17 Clash at the College (GoFightLive $9.99)

Sunday November 20

12:00am    Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (ESPN Classic)
12:45am    24/7 Cotto vs. Margarito (HBO)
1:15am    Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto (HBO)
2:00am    WEC WrekCage (Versus)
7:30am    M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Monson (PPV $30)
8:30am    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Peter Manfredo/Calvin Green vs. Joshua Clottey (HBO)
10:45am    24/7 Cotto vs. Margarito (HBO)
1:30pm    ESPN Films: The Real Rocky (ESPN Classic)
1:30pm    Derrick Findley vs. Fernando Guerrero (ESPN 3D)
5:30pm    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Peter Manfredo/Calvin Green vs. Joshua Clottey (HBO2)
7:00pm    Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson (ESPN Classic)
10:45pm    Face Off: Cotto vs. Margarito (HBO2)


Under the Radar: Names that aren't on American broadcasted shows this week.

Francois Botha vs. Michael Grant (November 19, Monte Casino, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Gary Buckland vs. Paul Truscott (November 19, Bowler's Arena, Manchester, England)

Fernando Montiel vs. Victor Terrazas (November 19, Estadio Centenario, Los Mochis, Mexico)

Amilcar Alves vs. Flavio Alvaro (November 18, Golden Combat, Clube Sindelegis, Brasilia, Brazil)

Pete Sell vs. Nordine Taleb (November 18, Ring of Combat 38, Tropicana Resort and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Deividas Taurosevicius vs. Marlon Moraes (November 18, Ring of Combat 38, Tropicana Resort and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Pat Audinwood vs. Al Iaquinta (November 18, Ring of Combat 38, Tropicana Resort and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Masanori Kanehara vs. Brady Harrison (November 19, XFS: Hillside Havoc, San Pasqual Reservation, Valley Center, California)

Brandan Seguin vs. Justin Guthrie (November 19, Donofrio MMA: Caged Apocalypse, The Palace at Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Michigan)


Best Viewing Options: BV steps away from the thoroughly disappointing MW3 multiplayer to discuss what you should do with your TV.  Seriously, Black Ops was so much better.  SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS!

1. UFC 139: Something about Cung Le really, really rubs me the wrong way.  I have no idea why.  He seems like a nice enough dude.  There are guys like that sometimes.  Put him through the mat, Wanderlei.

2. Bellator 58: Goddamned shame this is taking place on a UFC Saturday, but smart they're putting it on at 7.  Alvarez vs. Chandler, Lombard vs. Prangley, Marlon Sandro, Jessica Aguilar, Carlos Alexandre Pereira.  Absolutely stacked Bellator card.  BELLATOR NEVER DIE!

3. Strikeforce Challengers: Welcome back, Strikeforce!  Been a couple months!  What do we have's a pretty fucking weak card, Strikeforce.  Yeesh.  Two months of inactivity and that's what you bring us?  Ah well, at least I'll get a momentary break from Ronda Rousey retweeting everyone who says she's pretty, since she has to, you know, fight.

4. It's Showtime Canary Islands: On a one-week delay, so not technically live, BUT STILL.  Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Zeben Diaz (owner of my 2011 kickboxing FOTY thus far) looks incredible, and two titles on the line.  Need more It's Showtime in my life.

5. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Peter Manfredo Jr.: Want to see JCC get his face smashed in?!  WHO DOESN'T?!  Unfortunately, I don't think Manfredo is going to be the one to do it.  BUT HE COULD!  Classic case of good boxer who always bites it once he takes a step up.  Losses to Saki Bika, Jeff Lacy, Joe Calzaghe, and Sergio Mora pretty much show you Manfredo's ceiling.  If it goes to the cards, there's no way Chavez doesn't get favorable scores.  Plus Joshua Clottey gets a chance to help cleanse everyone's pallet after the bad taste he left in the Pacquiao fight.

6. 24/7 Cotto vs. Margarito: HBO gets right back on the horse.  No rest for the weary.  This one will be interesting, because admittedly, I don't know a ton about Cotto or Margarito's personal lives.  Refreshing to get away from Floyd and Manny for once.

7. Ring of Combat 38: Jersey's ROC always puts together quality cards, this one is no different.  $10 kinda blows, but at least they picked a dead night for it.

8. Inside MMA: Required viewing.  Even if it includes Rich Franklin lecturing you on what you're doing wrong to your body.

9. Battle in the Desert 4: Muay Thai!  Not free Muay Thai, but Muay Thai!

10. M-1 Global Fedor vs. Monson: If you're gonna have the balls to put this on Pay-Per-View for thirty damned dollars, at least have a decent undercard worth forking the money for.  Aleks just fought last week, why not hold him and put him on this card?  What about Guram?  Magomed?  Jose Figueroa is decent, but he shouldn't be co-maining a PPV card.  Not even Yamma Pit Fighting 2.


BV Loses You Money:  A man who has a worse record gambling than Johnathan Ivey does fighting attempts to part wisdom to you.

Last Weekend's Hangover:
If you put down $100 on each of my predictions last week, you'd have today:
BV Lost You: $77!
On the Year: -$931

This Weekend:

Martin Kampmann +115 Rick Story
Wanderlei Silva +115 Cung Le
Dan Henderson +105 Mauricio Rua
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr -600 Peter Manfredo Jr.
Ryan Bader -280 Jason Brilz

Lines courtesy of BetUS


Take a Knee: Even the biggest combat sports fan needs to recharge their batteries before diving back in.  Here are five games that are nationally broadcasted this weekend that deserve your eyes as well on Friday and Saturday.

(Note: I'll be excluding my teams from this to avoid homerism and only including nationally broadcasted games.)

Penn State @ Ohio State (ABC/ESPN 3:00 Saturday): Penn State goes on the road for the first time since It All Went Down.  I'm sure the good, sympathetic folks in Columbus are going to welcome them in with encouraging, upbeat sentiments.....

Chicago @ Edmonton (WGN 10:00 Saturday) Now this should be fun.  Edmonton's been a fun story and a fun, young team to watch.  This is a good test for them to see how they do against a legit contender.  Do they have enough pluck to overcome an awesome Chicago team or will their youth be their detriment?  No matter who loses, Tim Burke will be a happy camper.

Detroit @ Los Angeles (NHL Network 4:00 Saturday) How good did this game look on paper a months ago?  Yowzers.  It goes without saying these two teams should be much, MUCH better than they are, so hopefully this brings out the contender in both of them.

USC @ Oregon (ABC 8:00 Saturday) Not a riveting week for the Top-4 teams in football.  They're opposing a team with a lame-duck coach, a FCS team, a team on NCAA probation, and Iowa State.  Not gonna be dogfights.  Still, out of all those, I still enjoy watching USC lose.  Who doesn't?

Clemson @ NC State (ABC/ESPN 3:30) ACC Never Die?  Would be kind of amusing if Clemson was the last team standing after all this.


Your YouTube Finale: The best Beavis and Butthead music video riff ever.

Beavis & Butthead watching Gin & Juice (via jerdiggity)

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