UFC 139: Martin Kampmann Discusses Recent Losses, Fight With Rick Story

Image via UFC

UFC welterweight Martin Kampmann has a vitally important fight with Rick Story coming up this weekend at UFC 139. Kampmann has dropped two bouts in a row and a third loss would be a huge setback in his quest for a title shot. He recently spoke with MMA Sucka about those two losses (to Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez), and about the matchup with Story in San Jose on Saturday. He even throws in a shot at Nick Diaz. First, it seems pretty obvious that he hasn't gotten over the very questionable loss to Sanchez at UFC on Versus 3:

"With the Diego fight I made mistakes, but I still beat him up. His face was a wreck afterwards and he still has the scars to prove it. I definitely believe I won that fight and I got the better of him. I would love to avenge any one of those two losses because I think I’m the better fighter and I can beat any of those guys."

Then he states he lost the Shields fight because he made a lot of mistakes, but Martin also has this to say:

"For the most part wrestlers take people down and lay on them. That is how I lost to Jake Shields. I was kneeing Jake in the face and in the body. I had a solid submission attempt with a choke. He landed one punch on me in that entire fight and he didn’t once try to submit me. He won the fight by getting on top of me and humping my leg. I think the current scoring system favors wrestlers too much. You can punch a guy ten times in the face, but if he takes you down and cuddles with you, they give the round to that guy. It is what it is."

Pretty candid from Kampmann there, which continues throughout other topics in the interview. He talks about his upcoming fight with Story in more measured terms:

"I’d love to make it a more technical striking match, but I don’t think that is what he is going to do. I think he is going to want to come in close. I think that is his strength; he’s a strong dude who wants to come in swinging. He might get clipped, but when he’s in the pocket like that he’s dangerous. From a distance though I will be able to pick him apart."

"He tries to take his opponents to the ground a lot. He is a wrestler by nature. I’m sure he is going to try and take the fight to the ground, but I’m prepared for that. I’m totally ready to counter or stuff the takedown. If it does go to the ground I’m very confident in my Jiu-jitsu skills too."

But he turnes the heat back up when talking about Nick Diaz and the whole Diaz/Condit/GSP saga:

"I personally think Carlos Condit got screwed. Nick Diaz has been pretty good at hyping himself up. To be honest, I don’t think Diaz is that good. Anytime he has fought any good wrestlers he has had problems. I think he’s going to lose badly to GSP. Diaz is good at running his mouth and doing his thing…you know…being a punk. I would love to fight Nick Diaz sooner than later. I would absolutely love to fight him somewhere down the line."

I've never heard Kampmann that fired up about anything before. He makes a lot of solid points, even about Diaz. Basically, Martin Kampmann is pissed off and that can't be a good thing for Rick Story going into UFC 139.

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