5 MMA Myths I'd like to see exposed


  1. (5) That MMA fans are dying to see Pacquaio/Mayweather. 
  2. Boxing fans would love to see this, but does anyone else really care?? In MMA today, there are so many far more deserving storylines: you have one of the most devastating punchers of all current heavyweights, you have the magnificent brilliance of Ben Henderson, the never ending story of Bruce Leroi making ALL the writers of BE eat crow, the now questionable rush of the great Latino MMA fanbase, and the day when all MMA fans will rejoice: your ass is grass and anderson silva is the lawn mower man vs civilization beatdown of chael sonnen.....and I'm supposed to give a rattlesnake's left nut about Floyd Mayweather?

  3. (4) That MMA will never reach true prominence, until there are fights at Madison Square Garden. 
  4. I attribute this ridiculous notion 100% on the shoulders of Dana White. A self admitted boxing fan, who seemingly will never, under any circumstances give up on the dream of seeing his beloved creation, the UFC, on the stages of the arena he holds in unholy matrimony. Sorry Mr President, I say to you, just shut up about New York. You are giving New York far more importance to MMA than it deserves. Jon Jones will still punch as hard, Overeem will still dominate and chael sonnen will still be oblivious to the fact that no one has ever won a championship with quotes.

  5. (3) That Joe Silva is some magical diabolical genius. 
  6. How this one came about, I'm not exactly sure. First of all, in title fights, where legends are born and made, Joe Silva's impact is zero. It's the number one contender, against the champ. So, if Henderson should go on to defeat Frankie Edgar, how is Joe Silva a genius? Or if Anderson Silva should catch Sonnen dozing off, and triangle choke him into tapping.....again, how is that Joe Silva being a genius?

  7. (2) That fighting is a glamorous occupation. 
  8. So much of a UFC event is focused on the lights and spectacle and glitz and atmosphere, you almost forget that fighting is a savage and brutal sport,  capable of inflicting  horrific injuries. Dana White's after event video logs will sometime show the losing side of the card and the images are unforgettable. Yet fight fans around the world no doubt await the most anticipated after event video blog, post silva/sonnen, the one where chael sonnen is sitting with ice pack to his swollen and purple eyes, lips busted, ego deflated, and dana white himself walks in, sticks a microphone in sonnen's face and asks, 'So chael, how you like them braziliapples?"

  9. (1) And my number one MMA myth I would love to see exposed? That someday soon, MMA will be as mainstream as the NBA, or god forbid, the NFL. 
  10. Please, bring yourselves back to reality. If this past weekend did not bring about a glimmer of recognition that MMA has eons of light years away from ever making a foothold in the average person's realm of consciousness, then you are a better man than I. First of all, Americans are just too damn fat to ever embrace MMA wholesale. Half the kids are so chubby, they wouldn't know the difference between a pull up and a roll up. American society is too privileged, too pampered to sustain the hunger for fighting. Not gonna happen. Nothing to do with fighting. It is really the true greatest sport of all time. But just like good whiskey, not a pleasurable experience to everyone. Enjoy MMA now for what it is and where it's been, and accept the truth that there are some places it simply will never go. But where it goes, we will follow. Especially when it leads to the exposure of a lout and bully, beaten into submission and admission, that deluded fantasies exist only in your head, championship moments are made in the octagon. 

  11. Your championship moment in the middleweight division, will never happen.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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