Detailed Matches to Make after UFC on Fox

This is my first Fanpost on BE.  I've lurked here daily for the past couple years and post my thoughts every now and then, I felt the urge to share my thoughts on what the next matches should be for this past weekend's competitors.

Matches to make after UFC on FOX:

Junior dos Santos - Overeem/Brock Winner...if the winner of that takes no damage like Dos Santos, put it on the Super Bowl card and make it the best card ever with the GSP/Diaz fight. ;D

Cain Velasquez - I think it has to be Carwin. Carwin hit's like a ton a bricks and is also a good wrestler and much bigger then Cain, so it'd force Cain to test his chin and improve his standup. If Carwin wins, he's right back in the mix, a fight against Overeem would be a ton of fun down the road. If Cain wins he's right there again as well, can't baby guys in the top 10 of a division.

Ben Henderson - Frankie in Japan and it's gonna be a great fight and crazy exciting. I like Henderson quiet a bit but I'm still pretty unsure if he can handle Frankie's elusive stand up and crisp boxing, I don't think he'll be the one to take Frankie out, but it's gonna be an awesome fight to watch.

Clay Guida - Gray Maynard and no one else. He'll test Gray's stamina by making him fight every SECOND of the fight. If he stumbles against Clay, he needs to go to the bottom and re work his game, if Clay wins, it keeps a marketable contender a contender. This fight makes too much sense for me not to happen.

Dustin Poirier - Eric Koch. I like Poireier a lot, his hands are crazy heavy for that division and that's always gonna pose a threat. He's really young and still raw in certain area's of his game so I hope they don't rush him too much. Koch seems like he's in just about the same stage of his career so it'll propel one of them into the next echelon of the division.

Pablo Garza - Nam Phan, Garza has potential but no need to rush him, he's still pretty raw it's clear after that fight. Phan is an exciting guy that'll push the pace on Garza and force him to think on the fly and let it go more if he wants to be successful, it's a fight I think he'd win pretty easy, but it'd be exciting and good for his exposure imo.

Ricardo Lamas - Mike Brown. It's time for Lamas to test himself a little after a good showing against Cub Swanson. Brown is coming off a win, and will be a tough fight as he's in what will be his last run for a title shot, a win for either would be a nice one.

Cub Swanson- Josh Grispi is in dire need of a win, and hasn't fought in a long time do to injury after being forced out of the Nam Phan fight. Swanson is no push over and will get the most out of Grispi, but it should set Grispi back on track.

DaMarques Johnson - Mike Pyle. Johnson needs to win against someone semi worth while, and Pyle needs to recover coming off a loss.

Clay Harvison- Pink slip

Robbie Peralta- Winner of Nunes/Gamburyun. He's 9-0 in the last 24 months and in a somewhat thin top heavy FW division i feel they need to give him a hard fight to see if they can push him into a contender fight.

Meckens Semerzier- Pink Slip. 1-4 in the past 2 years.

Darren Uyenoyama - Michael McDonald, this kid needs to get back in action, i feel like this is a good matchup for both guys right now as neither are ready for top tier action.

Norifumi Yamamoto - Eddie Wineland in Japan. After that i'd expect Kid to be let go by the UFC. Both fighters are coming off 2 losses and they need to get Wineland back on track. Another option that would be a fun fight would be Tyson Griffen at 145 in Japan.

Alex Caceres- Jeff Hougland. Hougland is 5-0 since returning to MMA in 2010 after a 4 year lay off, and appears to be good at subs which Caceres will have to improve on if he wants to be for real.

Cole Escovedo- Pink slip. He's lost 5 of his last 6, and just turned 30. He's been fighting for 10+ years in MMA, so he's an old 30.

Mike Pierce- John Hathaway. Although i have no idea who the guy who he fought is, and it was a split decision, Pierce is a tough fighter and the UFC needs to utilize him as a gate keeper better. His only 2 losses in his last 12 fights are decisions to Hendricks(split) and Fitch, Hathaway makes a lot of sense to me as he should be read to fight in the next few months after having his last bout cancelled.

Aaron Rosa - Anthony Perosh. Both are coming off wins, both just moved from HW to LHW, both are mediocre.

Matt Lucas - Pink slip.



Thoughts?  Feedback?  Thanks for reading.


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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