Top Eleven p4p Fighters In MMA Today

Why not just do the top ten, you ask? Fu*k you, I reply. Because I'm an overacheiver.

11. Cain Velasqez

Velasquez may have just lost his title, but in a division were contenders are few and far between, he still stands out with freakishly good cardio and above-average wrestling.
10. Nick Diaz

Diaz is coming off of a dominant victory over BJ Penn and will be fighting GSP this Superbowl weekend. He has some of the cardio in the sport and uses it to punish his opponents with punches from start to finish.

9. Rashad Evans

Evans has evolved from being a one-dimensional wrestler to a well-rounded MMA fighter wth dangerous standup. "Suga" recently has a title shot taken away from him for the third time, but still poses a legitamate threat to champion and former training partner Jon Jones.

8. Jon Fitch

Fitch may not have the most exciting style, but he has been on a tear in the welterweight division lately, grinding out wins in five of his past six fights. A lot of people really hate Jon Fitch.

7. Junior Dos Santos

Dos Santos recently won the Ufc heavyweight title by vicious first round knockout. JDS has what some say is the best MMA boxing in the UFC along with great takedown defence and an impressive chin.

6. Dominick Cruz

Cruz is the Ufc bantamweight champion and has one of the most unorthidox styles in the sport, which combines just plain odd footwork with amazing speed to dominate the 135 pound division.

5. Jon Jones

Jones is the youngest champion Ufc history, and has looked impressive in his last few fights. AT just 23, many believe he has the tools to someday become the GOAT.

4. Jose Aldo

Aldo looked less impressive in his last two fights, which has been attributed to his increasingly hard weight cut. He uses his stunning muay-thai to land seemingly impossible shots and knockouts.

3. Frankie Edgar

Edgar has won all but two of his professional bouts, many against fighters much bigger than himself. He recently avenged the only blemishes (a loss and a draw) to Gray Maynard with a fourth round knockout. Edgar has some of the best boxing in MMA.

2. Georges St. Pierre

Despite having not finished an opponent since UFC 94, GSP has shown an amazingly high level of dominance over his adversaries, at one time going without losing a round for three years using a combination of high level wrestling and an orbital-destroying jab.

1. Anderson Silva

You all saw this coming. Silva has the best counter-striking in MMA today, and has used it to earn a 15 fight win streak and become the most dominant champion in UFC history.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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