Bellator 57 Results: Douglas Lima vs. Ben Saunders Fight Video Highlights


Douglas Lima the #4 ranked welterweight in our World MMA Scouting Report took on UFC veteran, Ben Saunders at the finals of the Bellator Welterweight tournament, and it ended up with fireworks. Check out the highlights of the fight that had a spectacular finish:

After going back and forth, the fight ended in the second round with Lima earning a shot at current Bellator welterweight champion, Ben Askren.

"I knew it was there. We worked on that a lot last week; duck the left hook, come back with the right straight. It worked out great," Lima said. "I'm glad I got the win. It was hard but it paid off. Hats off to Ben. He's the greatest guy. He's a great fighter."

Saunders, who is also a frequent BE reader and member, talked about the fight on his twitter page:

"Well like I said before. I felt like I was fighting my shadow. Losing to a very tough and skilled opponent in Douglas Lima doesn't feel like a real loss," Saunders said shortly after the bout. "He is my brother and teammate at American Top Team and it was an honor to go to battle with him. I said we were gonna go to war, and may the best man win. He was the better man tonight, & I have no regrets"

"I have said it since day one. Win, Lose, or Draw I come to fight! I am an aggressive fighter and I come to scrap. If I get caught trying to finish the fight then so be it. If I'm gonna lose that's how I wanna go out."

Here's the complete play-by-play of the fight from Jackie Maden's live blog of the event:

Ben Saunders vs. Douglas Lima

Round one:  Saunders opens with a head kick that's blocked easily.  Lima gets Saunders clinched on the cage, then Saunders turns and starts landing knees to Lima's legs.  The ref stops them and resets.  Saunders throws a couple of kicks that barely miss, then they clinch on the cage again.  Saunders is landing brutal knees.  Lima reverses but doesn't do anything, and the ref separates them again.  Saunders is landing decent kicks.  Lima lands a nasty leg kick, then another.  They clinch on the cage again but Lima isn't doing much.  And another separation.  Saunders throws a head kick, Lima catches it and takes him down, Saunders reverses and ends up in full mount.  Saunders with some good gnp now, but Lima is doing a pretty good job of defending.  End of the round, I call it 10-9 Saunders.

Round two:  Lima opens with a leg kick.  He gets Saunders on the cage again and tries to get a takedown but can't.  Ref separates them.  Saunders lands a couple of kicks, then goes in to swing and gets caught by a right.  He's down, Lima moves in for some more shots, and the ref stops it!  Douglas Lima def Ben Saunders via TKO, 1:21 of round two

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