BE Civil War- UFC on Fox 1 Results

What's up everybody?  First of all, I just want to express how lovely it is to be writing this from my home instead of a 45 minute window in the library like a homeless person (and next to homeless people).  UFC on Fox 1 was a tough event, but I have to say that the entire competition in terms of mean score was pretty impressive.  I don't have much to wax about as is my usual way, but I do have a few announcements to make.



1)   Due to my computer issues, there was some miscommunication regarding the replacements for last weeks douchenozzle deadbeat dickwad losers. As a result, some of the captains and replacements were unaware of the changes.  This affected Pick Em Champs the most, as their new members- some schmuck in texas and Eliot Matheny did not realize that they were in, and thus did not make picks.  Because of this, their scores were treated as 0's and counted as 33's (PEC's lowest score).  I've tried to think of a number of ways to rectify this, including dropping each team's lowest 2 scores, but they're all imperfect and someone gets screwed each way.  33 as the bottom score is pretty representative of the rest of the event, so I'm leaving it at that.


2)  I know that I originally said that this season would go 12 events, but I'm just going to keep it in line with PG's season and end it after 10.  UFC 140 will be the the final event of this season, giving us 20 days to get Season 2 together.  I just feel that this was the first season and the beta test, and with all the drop outs and other issues we can improve this thing, so we may as well do it sooner rather than later.  Plus, it'll be a pain in the ass to have to add or subtract 2 events from the PG stats to come up with cumulative totals.  If anyone has strong feelings opposing this, I'm open to listening to them.  


3)  I want to take this opportunity to give props to crazybones- who's 499 pts. currently puts him in 1st place for the entire PG site for the season.  That's pretty hardcore, and if I can't overcome his 59 point lead to take it, I'd love to see him win. 



hardysinyourface - 61 TCEngel - 60 halitosis - 58 Tim Bernier - 56 StiffJab - 55 Farthammer - 51 Hendo One-Shot - 48 av1o3 - 48 FedorNuthugger - 46 PelvicThrus - 46 LBO - 44 IKilled007 - 42 Sam Cuppitt - 39 Rollo - 35 Kaleb - 29
Total - 718 --------------------------


19Miles- 61

JDH- 58

MDH- 53

TitanFan2K- 50

pridedaze09- 50

Joben- 50

WeAllHateCaleb- 49

OurBovinePublic- 44

Balrog- 43

Pookie Gnome- 43

SSReporters- 43

KingatRock- 43

Noahwob- 43

pistonhyundai- 40

Imaginary Enemy- 29
Total- 699


Pick Em

kingofthedogs - 43
tats16 - 56
mountaineers101 - 50
sun yue - 33
skeebop - 49
inthepipes - 59
jeffigatame - 44
alicks - 46
krcampbell - 40
zombiehobbes - 63
lowellthehammer - 34
duck - 52
robert cowan - 37
someschmuckintexas - (33)
elliotmatheny - (33)

TOTAL: 672

Spinning Fish results

SteveevaD -  57
wonderfulspam - 57
bonesthebaptist -  55
chris81203 - 50
sday420 - 50
HorseloverFat (c) -  49
inadvertantgroinstrike (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) - 46
IvanIllich - 45
afrotikiman -   44
Montefisto -  44
EmptyThoughts -  41
Memitim - 39
bodytriangle -  35
ludakrish -  30
Ulf_Murphy – 29

TOTAL =  671



dgonz - 67 crazybones - 56 lanky6 - 52 NaciremaDream - 50 ThomasFlynn - 48 cmons - 44 Shotokanman (doctorjekyll) - 43 zakkree - 42 Fedorable - 41 StevenGiles - 38 FightingFighting - 34 Snatchl - 31 manch1ld - 29 Andy Davis - 29 KMcCaig (slimdigg) - 22
Total - 626

Overall Standings (official and triple checked):
1) K-1: 5436
2) Pick Em- 5376
3) BAU- 5355
4) JTT- 5229
5) Spinning Fish- 5164

Finally, thanks to Manch1ld for his audit, though I found some mistakes in that tally too, the above results were culled from me going back to every results post and captain's results email to confirm the totals.  If anyone notices any fuck ups, please let me know, but I really think that the above numbers are right. 
3 events left boys- knees high at the finish. 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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