Random Thoughts on Everything About UFC on Fox 1

UFC on Fox 1 has come and gone...and the biggest takeaway is that it was awesome top to bottom...that's just the truth. It wasn't a let down, it didn't fail to meet's extremely hard to criticize it. We knew no other fights were going to be broadcast...that's a complaint that was played out when it was announced. There aren't really complaints to be made about how the prelims played out...because they are frikkin prelims...they aren't required to deliver anything yeah, onto the night as a whole.

Facebook Streaming vs FoxSports Streaming

I opened tabs with both because I was curious to compare. The default size for the Facebook prelims has always been a tad too small for me, and I'm not a fan of going into full screen just feels like it's taking up 'too much' of my screen...I like to see my web browser around the window. So for me, the facebook prelims is either a bit too small, or a bit too big.

The Foxsports stream window is pretty much just the right size. Also the stream was the more 'live' was consistently about 1 minute ahead of the facebook stream, so for me, being a stickler for my 'live' fights being 'live'...that was another advantage.

But the facebook stream hands down has a higher image quality/resolution...I ended up settling for the more live and better size of the foxsports stream...but the image being lesser then the facebook stream kinda stunk.

Worth Talking About

Alex Caceres vs Cole Escovedo - I thought this would be a terribly easy fight for the vet...but Bruce Leroy pretty much 'styled on him' the whole fight, save for a few moments of success for Cole.

Mackens Semerzier vs Robert Peralta - Robert lost that first round quite handily, was dropped and all kinds of things...but he came back, won the 2nd, and headbutt or not, finished it in the 3rd...good on him.

DaMarques Johnson vs Clay Harvison - Johnson took care of business, and that's about all there is too it. Good on him, I was always a fan and I'm hoping he can continue to secure his spot in the UFC.

Some Rankings Talk

Junior Dos Santos is the new #1 heavyweight in the world. Ben Henderson was rightly ranked above Guida in the consensus rankings AND he is now the lineal WEC LW champion again(Henderson lost it to Pettis, who lost it to Guida, who lost it to Henderson) and will look to unify the title against Frankie Edgar.

Hiroyuki Takaya and Robert Peralta - Takaya is 16-9 on an amazing 1 fight win streak. Robert Peralta is 16-3 on a 9 fight win streak and has finished 7 of those victories. Takaya is 4-1 in his last five, the one loss? Robert Peralta. Yet Takaya sits at #14 in the consensus rankings while Peralta is at #21. Peralta has also been the more active, and the better performing, of the two since their fight. So yeah, that's a ranking scenario that I would like to see fixed ASAP, Mr. rankers.

Kiss The Belt Goodbye

The undefeated champion, the mexican Fedor, done in 64 seconds. No more awesome undefeated champ. Hello Mr. Knockout Artist Junior Dos Santos.

Also, Ben Henderson will destroy Frankie Edgar. That is the absolute truth...Edgar is going to lose his belt in Japan...that's just the truth.


Can't wait for the next Fox card!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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