Holiday Gift Guide: UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition Review


Anchor Bay Entertainment provided me with a review copy of the UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition and I have to say that this is a tremendous collection for fight fans, but not one without its flaws.

The Good:

  • 20 discs of content with 170 fights and over 50 hours of content? That's a great value for a retail price of right around $135.
  • The "Best of Fight School" "Best of Rogan 1-on-1" and "Best of Unguarded" features on the bonus disc are a nice add to the overall package and give a little something to watch to break up the fight-after-fight-after-fight pattern one falls into with such a big set.
  • The set is organized into each event so you are able to watch the way the UFC flowed over the year (the set covers from July 2010 through June 2011).
  • Rather than simply show the broadcast, the show do have interesting looks at the fight week build and behind the scenes footage before main event fights. I previously shared a preview video for the Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields bout that shows a bit of this.

The Bad:

  • For some reason the events are not packaged in chronological order. Instead it goes UFC 116 through 131, then the Fight Nights and then the Versus cards. It just makes for unnecessary work if you want to watch the fights in the order in which they happened. It seems like a chronological ordering would have made much more sense.
  • A lot of fights are left out and some of them are legitimate and important fights. Phil Davis vs. Rodney Wallace at UFC 117? Gone. Nik Lentz vs. Andre Winner? Nope. Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda, Melvin Guillard vs. Jeremy Stephens, Cheick Kongo Vs Travis Browne? All gone. Two of the best performances of the year in Mike Pyle's dissection of John Hathaway and Dustin Poirier's drubbing of Josh Grispi both got the axe as well. As are all but four of the fights from UFC 120. All told there are 45 fights that didn't make the set.

The Verdict

There are too many fights and too many unique clips to not add the set to your collection if you are someone who is a big UFC fan. I can see the fight list being a deal breaker for some fans who like to have complete cards. I'm a collector minded guy so it does bother me that so many great and meaningful fights (and even the bad ones) have been taken out. I understand limitations on how much space they had available but far too many fights involving top 10 fighters were left out.

That's enough negativity though. This is a fun set, it's a great gift and it looks great sitting on a shelf. The amount of people who would be troubled by the completion issues as much as me is likely incredibly small so I fully recommend the set for any MMA fan in your life.

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