This Week in Quotes: A tribute to Mike Fagan

The day a mermaid cried.

-"I enjoy the right type of press. As long as it's not B-class, random websites." – Diaz.

"I've never really changed much. I just try to come in and fight my best to take the other guy out." – Penn using some foreshadowing.

"That’s the last person to be worrying about right now." – BJ Penn, when asked about Kim Kardashian’s divorce.

"Yes, then I suppose it is." – Diaz, when asked if this was the biggest fight of his career if he gets a title shot.

White Noise

"Carlos Condit has agreed to step aside and get the next guy," – White. Wow, what a nice thing to do

"Contrary to what has been stated, Carlos did not step aside to allow this to happen and would not just hand over an opportunity for him to achieve his greatest career goal, one that he has earned through his strong performances in the octagon. No option was given to him."- Kawa.

"I didn't call him up and say – look, I like Carlos Condit. I respect him. He's getting the next title shot. He said he wants to fight on that card too, so he's going to fight on that card. It was a good conversation." White.

"That'd suck," White, after being asked what would happen if say you schedule a fight with two fighters, then one pulls out with a hand injury and then you schedule a different fight and then the fighter had no hand injury and then he won that fight so you set up the original fight and then the other guy gets hurt?

Last I checked "Carlos is the harder fight." So I guess now he'll fight nick. Wasn't our choice and def not happy about it, BUT- Kawa, verbally flipping off GSP.

 The Gatekeepers have closed the gate.

"If he's kicking my ass standing up, I'm going to try to get him pregnant." Matt Mitrione

"Do I need it anymore? I have two kids at home and many more things to discover." – Cro Cop, who has more things to discover, like wrestling and D.B. Cooper's money.


 A walk to remember.

"Hats off to Nick Diaz. He's the man. Joe, this was probably the last time you'll see me in here. I can't keep performing at the top level. That's it Joe. I got a daughter and another daughter on the way, I don't want to go home looking like this. I'm done."- Penn. It’s refreshing to see fighters and athletes in general hang it up at the right time.

"I want to thank all the fans for their love and support. I have decided to take some time off to enjoy life, train and teach. I will keep you guys posted with what’s next."- BJ Penn


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