Fights to make after UFC 136

Frankie Edgar- Wow. Once again Frankie took a brutal beating in the 1st round, and came back to win it. Not only did he win, he finished Gray like no one else has, killing any controversy left over from the 2nd fight. Egar has the heart of a champion, no doubt about it. If the UFC brings over Gilbert Melendez ASAP, a title unification bout would be awesome. If not, it looks like the winner of Guida vs. Henderson is up next. ( Shudders at the thought of Clay Guida actually fighting for a UFC title)

Gray Maynard- I dont get it. Oce again, Gray had about as good a start to a fight as anyone could hope for. And unlike the new years fight, he paced himself while going for the finish, making sure he had plenty of gas in the tank in case edgar got up. But when the 2nd round started, Gray did NOTHING. No pressure, no unrelenting forward agression, no nothing. A deer in the frickin headlights. And he paid for it in the 4th round. Gray needs to sit back, improve, and wait till things sort themselves out. Most of the upper echelon at lw are tied up in fights already, and he wont be seeing another titleshot any time soon.

Jose Aldo- "Junior hasnt yet shown the kind of jaw dropping finishes that made him famous in the WEC, but hes still putting in solid performances. He fought through Kenny's attempts at throwing off his game, and gradually wore down the TUF veteran with power shots. Chad Mendez looks to be next in line for a titleshot. Side note- if the weight cut has become to severe, i would love to see Aldo move up and fight some of the top guys at lw, perhaps the winner of Cerrone vs Siver.  

Kenny Florian- Poor Kenny. He has a few options as far as i can see. He can cut off a limb to make it down to bantamweight and then get beat by Dominick. He can come to terms with the fact that he will never hold UFC gold and retire on the spot. And finally, kenny can become the fill in man of the lighter weight classes, a sort of mini- rich franklin taking novelty fights at 145 and 155.

Chael Sonnen- YES!!!!! the prodigal son finally makes his return, and earns his first UFC finish to boot. And that after fight speech was without a doubt the most amazing moment i have ever witnessed inside the octagon (other than Sonnen beating the hell out of anderson silva for 4 1/2 rounds of course) The rematch between him and the champ will provide some much needed closure to their first battle, and will be a fitting end to one of the best storylines in UFC history.

Brian Stann- Stann was outclassed, thats all their is too it. All three of his UFC loses saw his opponents impose their will on Stann by holding him down and outgrappling him. He needs to go back to Greg Jacksons and work on his ground game and wrestling. A fight with Alen Belcher next would be entertaining as hell.

Melvin Guillard- Melvin had a lot of hype going into this fight. But despite his physical talents and new found focus thanks to Greg Jackson, Joe Lauzon showed that Melvin's cockiness and questionable submission defense are still glaring flaws in his game. Melvin looked distraught after this loss, and i expect him to come back more focused, disciplined, and patient than ever. A fight with the last up and coming contender to get derailed would be great. I'm talking about Jim Miller of course.

Joe Lauzon- Joe needed this win in a big way. He looked composed and unperturbed by Melvin's obvious speed advantage, and his submission game looked as good as always. A fight with Nate Diaz is a step down in my opinion, but makes sense.

Nam Phan- I dont care

Leonard Garcia- I dont care

Damien Maia- Another solid wrestle-grappling performance by Maia, but nothing really outstanding. A fight with Yushin Okami would be very interesting, especially with Sonnen in Thunder's corner.

Jorge Santiago- Sigh...he showed quite a bit of promise overseas and in Strikeforce. O well. Lets see him take on Court Mcgee in his next fight on a facebook live stream please.

Anthony Pettis- Showtime knew that he needed to get a win in the UFC, and fought the smart fight to secure it. His offensive wrestling looked greatly improved, and he was very effective in negating Jeremy's strength advantage. I think its time that the UFC finally let Pettis show off his unique standup arsenal. A fight with Edson Barbossa would be fireworks, as long as the UFC doesn't mind seeing one of their young up and comers lose.

Jeremy Stephens- Jeremy fought well enough to take the fight on one of the judges score cards. i would say that his stock really didn't drop or rise after last night. I dunno, give him Yeve Edwards or something.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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