Killa B = BE Rep = Championship Bound

After now watching BE's very own rep/fighter tear through the competition, I just know Mr. Ben Saunders is going to capture the Belt. ripping it away from Askren (just make sure you get some wiggle room in that championship contract lol). We have a few posters here that seem to have a negative tone toward the whole "Lets Mutherfuckers" and just the whole Killa B appreciation BE got going, and before I go any further ..
*points at door* GTFO this thread isnt for you.

Its not everyday fighters in a spotlight take to a website as many of us have ....
As everyday people/fans we usually end up sifting through all sorts of publications and actual "hack" websites before reaching a certain level of understanding of the sport to make an intelligent choice in which site seems to have a good understanding of what its readers are looking for.

Its very apparent when visiting Junkie or Mania, the type of humor, and overall mentality over here is very different. So when people join the community it is a very deliberate thing. The community here is "if you get it, you get it" kinda thing. I like to think here at BE if you are a registered member, and regular reader .. and just somebody who enjoys all the things BE .. the members are cut from the same cloth. BE members share a snappy, very witty, high level sense of humor with a few that stand out and give us our beloved memes.

So with that said, to have Killa B come and partake in the fun is beyond awesome..!
Ben Saunders is the perfect rep for BE on the big stage .. well Bellator (aint no shame in that).

The point is that I firmly believe in order to be accepted here, a person gotta have a certain wit. A certain type of humor, but understanding and knowledge of the sport we all love. Its very distinct. Ben Saunders is a perfect example of this.

On top of this .. dude is a beast. In my mind, its not a matter of IF he will capture the WW belt .. but when and how.
Right now as we all watch this guy who we have gotten to know as a regular BE dude just like me and you climb up the ranks .. its awesome to know that here is a guy that comes and appreciates this place, that has a very distinct niche, rise to the top .. mostly because I think we all can think (because of our unique community personality) Killa B is just like the many of the posters here that usually have the green comments or we find funny .. AND just somebody that we could easily have a beer with and laugh at random funny shit that only the BE visitor would understand.

So in honor of all this, I wanted to slap together this fan post in the spirit of one of the more famous BE memes now (it made it on national television!!), and get a collective *cheers* and a "HERE HERE!!"

To Killa B's inevitable championship run and eventual victory!!

LETS MUTHERFUKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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