What does you Top 10 P4P list look like after tonight?

Hey guys, UFC 136 just wrapped up and 3 of my top 10 P4P fighters fought today. I was just wondering what your pound for pound ranking looked like after tonight.


I know Dana said Frankie was number 2, but i think we all know that that is ridiculous.


Anyways here is my list:


1. Anderson Silva - consensus #1 pick, is undefeated in over 5 years, almost 7 years if you don't include the Okami DQ

2. George St Pierre - in my mind the consensus #2. He was #1 for a while after Silva had disappointing performances against Cote, Leites, and Maia, and GSP dominated Fitch, BJ, and Alves. But after his most disappointing fight to date against Shields, and Anderson's knock outs of Vitor and Okami, looks like GSP is stuck at #2 unless Anderson loses.

3. Jon Jones - i'll admit i didn't have jones in my top 5 P4P before the rampage fight, and i still had him at #4 before tonight, i thought all things equal, Aldo had the more impressive resume, but even thou Aldo won tonight, he hasn't dominated someone in a while, and all Jones does is dominate

4. Jose Aldo - today's performance wasn't his most impressive, but that doesn't mean that he still isn't the best. Wins over Mendes and Hioki could vault him back up to #3 in my mind.

5. Frankie Edgar - Edgar impressed me tonight, but i didn't see anything that i hadn't seen before. He has a great chin, and the heart of a lion (which he had showed in the 2nd Maynard fight). It still worries me that he was caught in the 1st once again, and i figure that eventually someone will catch on to the fact that he is a natural flyweight and use their size advantage to beat him, but for now Frankie is at #5

6. Dominick Cruz - cruz looked good against Johnson, and he has beat the #2 thru #7 Bantamweights in the world, with the exception of Miguel Torres. He would be higher in the list if he actually finished someone in his fights.

7. Jon Fitch - think that fitch is the consensus best fighter without a belt in the world. If GSP didn't exist Jon fitch would be the reigning WW champ without a doubt.

8. Cain Velasquez - The 7th and final UFC champ in my p4p list, still has yet to defend the belt, a win over JDS would go a long way in proving he is THAT good, but as always heavyweights have a hard time in the P4P rankings.

9. Gilbert Melendez - the best fighter outside of the UFC (thou not for long it seems). I think that if he comes to the UFC he should get the immediate title shot, but at the same time i think that he should fight Masvidal who earned his shot at the strike force belt.

10. This is where it gets tricky, i used to have Gray in this spot but after the loss to Frankie, and the terrible showing he had in rounds 2-4 i can't keep gray in the top 10, but since Jake Shields has lost recently as well i can't think of who deserves this last spot more. These are my top candidates:

Chael Sonnen - the consensus #2 MW in the world, has dominated every fighter since he lost to damian maia, but he does have a loss to anderson, and MW is one of the shallowest divisions in MMA

Junior Dos Santos - he is undefeated in the UFC, he is the consensus #2 HW in the world, and he holds wins over 6 top 25 HW's.

Rashad Evans - the consensus #2 LHW in the world


anyway, i can't decide on who #10 is, what about you guys what do your lists look like?

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