UFC 136 Post Fight thoughts

Frankie Edgar baby!!!! He's a true champion, there should be no doubting him at all after this performance. The fight started out the same way as the UFC 125 bout. After the round was over, I was terrified. I was thinking "This is a done deal, Gray's just gonna finish him off here." Yeah, the crow was nice, warm, and well cooked. He not only recovered well, but took the 2nd round while landing good shots and avoiding  danger. After more of the same in the next round, he would finish Gray off deep in the 4th, ending my night in satisfaction ( and Gray's in disappointment). I say Frankie should fight the Winner of Guida/Henderson next. It would be a HELL of a fight regardless of who it is. Gray could fight the loser of Guida/Henderson.

More on the main card after the jump..

Aldo vs Florian

Jose Aldo is a really good fighter. Maybe the best in his division. But p4p? I don't think so. Still, that was more than enough to defeat Kenny Florian tonight. I have to admit after the first, I was expecting it to be a very interesting fight. Nope. Instead, we got Kenny Florian with ineffective gameplan, and Jose Aldo's famous leg kicks. Kenny kept trying to clinch with Aldo while taking shots and getting chopped down with kicks. WTF Kenny? Aldo showed good TDD and got mount on Florian at one point in the fight. It was an alright fight I guess. Florian..from what I hear is going to retire and Aldo might get Chad Mendes.

Sonnen vs Stann

HOLY SHIT CHAEL SONNEN IS A SUPERVILLIAN AND I'M LOVING IT! He straight up obliterated  Brian Stann with his powerhouse wrestling. After he got the submission finish (awesome), he had the greatest post fight call out/interview in the history of everything/anything that matters. I cannot wait for the build up of Silva vs Sonnen II. Oh, and the fight too. I guess Stann could fight the loser of Mayhem vs Bisping, Yushin Okami, or Demian Maia.


Phan vs Garcia

Phan got his revenge, while landing wicked body shots and hard shots. Phan vs Tyson Griffin?  I like Leonard Garcia. Seems like a good guy and he's always in entertaining fights. I hate the hate he gets cause it's not his fault. That being said, he's not a UFC fighter. I wouldn't mess with him in a bar though. 


Guillard vs Lauzon

Excellent win for Joe. He caught everyone by surprise by finishing under a minute. The hype Guillard got was sooo goddamn annoying, but I don't hate him for it. He's still dangerous and maybe top 10, just had a bad moment and has some holes to fix in his game. I say Guillard fights Jim Miller, Anthony Pettis, or heck Rafael Dos Anjos (if he's not booked already). Lauzon could fight Matt Wiman, that would make for a good fight. 

This might be hard on the eyes, so thanks for reading this (if you did). 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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