Open appeal to Brian Stann

The number of MMA fighters, who have felt the wrath of Dana White, merely for sneezing in the great man's direction, is a long and winding road.

But the road to Chael Sonnen, is filled with one and only one.


Chael Sonnen.


Other fighters get chastised for facebook postings, but only Sonnen is allowed to blatantly insult almost every Brazilian fighter, with zero repercussions.


The crassness of the insults border on disbelief. That the first reporter to dare to ask Sonnen to his face 'Mr Sonnen, what day is it today?"... would draw that madman stare.


Sonnen should not be allowed to sully and disrespect the contributions of such legendary fighters as Wanderlei Silva, Minotauro and Lyoto Machida and least of all, the UFC middleweight champion of the world, who defeated Sonnen, and will defeat him again.


No Mr President, let the double standard end. Hold Sonnen to the same rules of conduct as any other fighter under the employ of the UFC.


it's great to market fights. I understand that is why the UFC's is succesful.


But let's not allow that success to come, on the belittlement of such an important core of fighters. Repeated often enough, the average fan could come to think that what Sonnen says must be true, especially when everyone else is trying to be professional or stays silent.


 It's time to shut Sonnen up. Or at least reign him in.


So since the UFC is obviously inclined to ride the Sonnen Express, and Brazilian fighters have seemingly forgotten their proud history of never backing down from a challenge, that leaves you, Mr Brian Stann, as our last and true hope.


Only you can truly stop the madness. Because if Sonnen has now become just a bit too pleased with himself, convinced that he invented the concept of toughness, if he would beat you on Saturday, we are all truly doomed.


When you hit him tomorrow, you will hit him with the conviction and gratitude of a million fight fans around the world who strongly disapprove of the Oscar worthy portrayal of the Ugly American.


Show him Mr Stann what a real American hero looks like.


Don't outwrestle him.


Don't decision him.


Use those two Marine Atomic Bombs.... AND HERE ARE YOUR ORDERS!


\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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