BE Civil War Results: UFC 137

Motherfucker.  First off, sorry for the late post (again).  It would've been up yesterday, but one of the captains didn't get his picks in until late last night.  I'm not going to name any names *hint: it rhymes with bowelltheblammer.  Secondly, what a clusterfuck for Jackie Treehorn's Trampoline.  This was a potentially competition losing performance and I'm way more upset at this than I have any right to be.  J Maddux, we hardly knew thee, you fucking deadbeat.  Bonedoctor appears to just have mailed it in as he hasn't even logged in to PG in over a month.  I guess he figured he found a loophole in the rules, since he made picks so far in advance.  Captains- I'll be emailing you this week- I think that I have an idea on how we can have the rest of the competition decided by the members of our teams that actually give a shit- unless we're the only team experiencing this (which I doubt), in which case we'll just have to suck it up. 

That's all for now- I have to get to the butcher before he closes to buy a cow's pancreas to complete my Zombie Steve Jobs costume (iPancreas) then it's off to see Ween.  I'd love to hear what your halloween costumes were in the comments... oh- I'm getting a new computer on Wednesday, so all of this shit be behind me and I'll be a much more active commish again- sorry for this extended period of bullshit, and thanks so much for keeping the vibe of this thing alive.  Let's all be a bit more kcrcampbell, who emailed me while banned, and less like the 2 goldbrickers mentioned above, shall we? 

Congrats to Pick Em Champs- new overall leaders.  This was a freaky event, as evidenced by Hardys in your Face and King of the Dogs coming out of nowhere to put up big scores.  Next week is going to be wide open also- even moreso than UFC on Vs. 6, as is UFC on Fox 1.  In other words, get ready for a rocky road.  Maybe even memitim will get a win!

Hair- out. 




hardy'sinyourface - 87
Luke Nelson - 63
halitosis - 62
Stiff Jab - 60
Kaleb - 59
Rollo - 58
hendo one-shot - 51
LBO - 50
Fedornuthugger - 50
Sam Cuppit - 49
Tim Bernier - 42
av1o3 - 40
IKilled007 - 36
TC Engel - 35
Farthammer - 34

Total - 776


King of the Dogs 89
sun yue 32
mountaineers101 53
tats16 55
Jeffigatame 53
alicks 34
skeebop 60
lowellthehammer 50
krCampbell 63
zombiehobbes 49
bcpjkell 39
inthepipes 51
Robert Cowan 48
duck 50
MicahtheDouchefuck 22 (<--- SICK BURN)



Manch1ld - 79
zakkree - 71
crazybones - 66
lanky6 - 65
Snatchl - 58
ThomasFlynn - 46
NaciremaDream - 43
dgonz - 40
StevenGiles - 36
FightingFighting - 35
Fedorable - 33
KMcCaig - (slimdigg) - 31
cmons - 29
AndyDavis - 12
Shotokanman (doctorjekyll) - 10

Total - 654


Spinning Fish

UFC 137 results

Memitim - 64

afrotikiman - 59

ludakrish - 50

SteveevaD - 48

sday420 - 47

inadvertantgroinstrike (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist) - 47

Ulf_Murphy – 42

Montefisto - 40

chris81203 - 39

HorseloverFat (c) - 37

DarkCarnival220 - 36

wonderfulspam - 35

EmptyThoughts - 31

bodytriangle - 27

bonesthebaptist - 26

TOTAL = 628


Imaginary Enemy- 59

Pookie Gnome- 57

19Miles- 56

JDH- 49

Balrog- 48

pridedaze09- 44

Bonedoctor- 34

Joben- 34

MDH- 33

TitanFan2K- 32

milk217- 31

Noahwob- 30

KingatRock- 22

OurBovinePublic- 22

J Maddux- 0 (22)

Total- 573 (someone please check my math- this is kinda unbbeilevably bad)

Overall Standings:

1) Pick Em- 4256

2) K-1: 4155

3) BAU- 4023

4) JTT- 3868

5) Spinning Fish- 3840

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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