Dana White wants gay fighters to come out of the closet. Only if they don't dress like faggots, though.



Here's why Dana White's flaunting of gay-friendly views is nothing but PR


Those of you who know the above picture and still remember the comments made by Dana White after Dennis Hallman's UFC 133 appearance will know what I'm poking at. You may either read on or go straight to the comments and tell me why I'm wrong.

It had probably been the strongest of recent anti-gay outburst of White, without even calling things as they are for him, he still managed to get his point across in a more than obvious manner. Here're a few of White's quotes transcribed from the post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani following UFC 133:

I was horrified [by the trunks]. I wasn't offended, but I was horrified. Yeah, it was a thank-you-for-getting-these trunks-off-TV-as-soon-as-possible-bonus.

I am actually very disappointed in my people that they would let him walk out with those on.

Struggling to find words which would be strong enough, yet not openly homophobic White continued:

But what happened [...] tonight crossed the line. It was borderline disgusting.

Why would a man who reacts that strongly to a piece of clothing be happy if a gay fighter within the UFC came out of the closet? Probably only to keep him around and show him off whenever confronted with accusations of being a homophobe.

I understand that White has to cater to a mostly male audience whose proud embracing of their heterosexual identiy probably goes hand in hand with hating on queers. However, I'd like to see him own up to this, live with the name and shame that comes with it and be the honest and straightforward guy he claims to be.

Either this, or actually stop being a homophobic cunt.

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