Enough About Chael Sonnen

I realize that it's a little contradictory to talk about someone while demanding we stop talking about him, but... whatever. Here it is. 

First things first, I dislike Chael Sonnen (or at least the persona he has chosen). He seems unscrupulous (a convicted felon and doping allegations?) He is definitely a rude person. I am an Anderson Silva fan for sure. I want Silva to smash his face in brutally, bloodily, with a bestial rage that batters the bastard and sends him away bruised and beaten, no belt. 

That having been said, I have to admit a couple things up front. One, the man is pretty funny. On occasion, he is hilarious. I got a hearty laugh out of the "Chael Sonnen is the most interesting man in the world" video. I DO think some of his trash-talk of late has not been as inspired, so maybe he just needs someone else to talk smack on (apparently Anderson Silva, Belfort, communists, and the entire nation of Brazil just doesn't cut it anymore). But the fact remains, the man can talk and he knows how to hype a show. That's important (more on that later). 

Two, he is a beast at MMA-wrestling. In light of his impressive victory over Stann, we might even say grappling in general. Though Stann's less-than-stellar ability on the ground (and Sonnen managing to land in side control over and over) may've had something to do with making him look like a god, it was nice to see him Sonnen go for (and get) a submission, suggesting he is improving his arsenal. 

These things having been said, I don't think he's as good as some people choose to believe. That can be said of anyone, but I think if he fights Silva again, it will just bring out the best in the Spider. People talk about making him fight all these other guys before he "deserves" a shot at the title. I don't necessarily see him steamrolling all these guys, but it could happen. Keep in mind the talk of "deserving a shot" (I've seen it from plenty of people here on BE, not to mention Soares). 

However, he is the only person to have come close to squashing Silva. Relentless aggression and a solid gameplan made it possible. High testosterone and Silva's ribs be damned, the fact remains. Sonnen is the only one who made it look like Silva was human (in the UFC). In all his other bouts, he was Anansi's avatar, a trickster spider god entering the cage merely to mock and destroy his puny mortal opponents. 

So, at long last, I reach my point. If you are willing to forgive his alleged TRT issues (I don't know enough to make an informed judgement), then-- hold that, it doesn't matter. Dana White and the athletic commissions seem to be ready to forgive him, our opinion counts for not a whole hell of a lot. Regardless- he deserves another chance at the belt solely because he is the only person to make Anderson Silva break a sweat. You're telling me he has to fight Belfort? Okami? Gandhi? I don't get it. I don't like the guy, and even I can see he exposed a chink in Silva's armor. If that's not reason enough to let him try again, I don't know what is. They can give Silva meaningless fights against Bisping (dear god why) or they can put him against a fighter that will make him be something better. To me, the choice is obvious. Gray Maynard got another shot at Frankie Edgar, and Frankie won at least two of those rounds (not 10 seconds of the last round). Same with BJ Penn. I feel that if Sonnen weren't so polarizing (read: disliked) then there wouldn't be this much talk of him not deserving another shot. But what do I know?

Finally, the most important reason of all. At least in the real world. That's right, money. You know this fight will sell. I know this fight will sell. Dana White, in particular, knows this fight will sell. And in the end, that's what matters. This fight WILL HAPPEN-- because it needs to happen, for a nice big fat payday. Especially after this god-awful year in PPV sales. 

Matching Sonnen to Belfort or whoever else will just risk that fight, and therefore risk the big payday. Sonnen's coming off of a dominant win, the Sonnen-Silva fight is still (fairly) recent and fresh in people's memories, and Sonnen can sure as hell talk up the fight. I'll bet you dollars to dimes Dana will make it happen after Silva's shoulder heals. They have to make the best fight they can, and to me it's the guy who actually threatened Silva. This Afro Samurai nonsense has to be shelved. Are we going to make Sonnen fight the entire middleweight division before he gets a shot? Please. Some ideas I saw on BE gave Mitrione a quicker shot at the title than Sonnen. 

(TL;DR) So, in summation. Shelf the dislike. Admit that, your opinion of him aside, Sonnen deserves the shot as the last guy to give Silva a suspenseful fight. More importantly! Admit that, regardless of that, he probably will get the shot because that's where the money is and the UFC is a business. Stop making FanPosts about the middleweight title picture! It's simple! 



If you actually read all that, thank you, let me know what you think. This is all just my (admittedly worthless) opinion, but if I get even one person to not make another damn fanpost or comment about Sonnen and Silva, then I'll be happy. Tired of hearing about it, when it happens it happens! 

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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