Anderson Fears no one, his fans however.....

It was a little under a week ago one of the most talked about mixed martial artists made his return to the octagon, and not only did he return but gave one of the best post fight interviews in the history of the sport. Chael Sonnen walked into UFC 136 and ran through Brian Stann as though the ex military man was a subway gate. Chael wasted no time in calling out the man who he nearly dethroned for the title a little over a year ago.

As Chael was making his speech there was something else going on, a drove of fans were flooding the forums quick to dismiss Stann as a flash in the pan and to shoot down any logic that a rematch should happen. The Chael fans came to arms, but sadly they started to label Anderson Silva a coward. Anderson SIlva is one of the best fighters to ever step into the octagon and i highly doubt he fears losing. Silva has lost before so losing is nothing new for him and i am sure he will get through another one if it happens to come along, but it is criminal that my fellow Chael fans attack Silva when he is not the scared one.

Anderson fears no one, but his fans and manager  are scared to death of this fight. They both know that a Chael victory is not some far off mystical beast that can only be summoned by the stabbing of a goat head and the speaking of an extinct language. Before the last fight there were fans who laughed and couldn't wait for the thrashing of Sonnen, but after the fight they wanted nothing else to do with the loud mouthed American.

Much as Chael slips in character so to does the SIlva's fans and manager. They start off with the lone victory back to the title shot, but once pushed into a corner and a heavy light is placed on them they quickly turn into their true selves, and the real reasons come out. Some have half merit while others come from a spiteful place in so much as i can almost see them at the playground kicking the dust when their mothers tell them they cannot have ice cream.

One of the more logical reasons is because Sonnen only has one win under his belt. This is true and no matter what any Sonnen fan can say, Sonnen is now 1-1 in his last 2 fights. I am a Chael fan to the bone, but i want to see the fight because it is the only fight i believe will test Silva. Sonnen was all lined up for a rematch before the TRT and a suspension kept him out for over a year. Fact of the matter is Sonnen is the only interesting match up for SIlva now and his fans and manager are scared that this shit talker will walk into that cage and last the extra minute and a half this time.

Next reason is that Sonnen is the exact same fighter as he was the last time and that he should fight down the ladder just so he can face a BJJ expert. The truth is the Silva fans don't care is Sonnen fights a grapplier or not, they just want him to fight someone that they believe will derail him, that's it. Very few Silva fans care if Sonnen can defend a triangle or not, but what they want is Sonnen to get beaten in order to give them leverage in an argument that they do not have at this point and time. On the other side of the coin Anderson's wrestling is just as non existent  as it was a year ago, Silva has a glaring weakness in his game and his fans know it. No matter if he did pull off a miracle submission, his wrestling is still junk. His fans know this and want so badly for Maia to come up and (hopefully) derail Sonnen's title hopes.


Others say there are contenders ahead of Sonnen. With a blank look i ask who, and who do they say but fucking pillow hands Bisping, the same guy who had to illegally knee a mid carder to win. I know why the Silva fans want him to fight Bisping, because they see no way that the count could ever put Anderson in trouble, let alone with a fight with the champion. Bisping has pillow hands which takes away his punchers chance, no wrestling that we have seen besides TDD, and the guy loves moving into people power. I would love for Bisping to be featured on another UFC KO collection with his lips puckered out and looking at the lights, but not enough to put a serious challenge to the title behind him. The Silva fans and Ed want to see a guy step in there with Anderson who isn't a proven challenge for him. The fear of SIlva losing is too much to deal with.

This one is the funniest of all, he committed fraud. I will leave Ed out of this because even he would never try and leverage this, but fans have no shame. I will ask a question, what does his life outside the cage have to do with title shots? I guess Leben should be pulled form the main event at UFC 138 and chucked back down the ladder due to his DUI as well. I have read silly comments that Sonnen should never be in the cage again. At least Ed sticks with the "should be back of the line" logic..If i go punt a cat tomorrow it should not stop me from having my first kick boxing bout, unless the court date for kicking the cat happens to land on the same day as the fight. Sonnen fucked up his major source of income, which was his job as a realtor, so he should be punished at his other job as well?

Finally the "decisive" finish argument. Yes the tap was clean and it was an amazing come from behind win, but if it was so widely known that SIlva would destroy Sonnen every day of the week then why do so many doubt it? If people thought Chael had no chance in hell against Silva this fight would be about as attractive as a hooker after a two for one Tuesday, but that's not the case. No matter how many times you say "triangle finished the fight" it does not over shadow the fact that Anderson was human for 4 and a half rounds. Anderson got hurt on the feet and got obliterated on the ground. Chael did not "last" 4 and a half rounds against SIlva, he owned 4 and a half rounds against Silva. Silva had no bright spot in that fight besides the finish, and no matter how often Goldberg said it very few people thought that Silva was going to win that fight after the takedown in round 5.

Silva fears no one and has shown that many times, but his care takers and his banner holders are shaking in their boots.   If Silva's fans thought this fight was going to be a walk they would be clapping their hands and licking their chops waiting for it, but instead they group together and throw every rock found at the idea of the rematch. The rematch is about the only interesting fight there is for Anderson at middle weight right now, and if his care takers manage to duck this fight they are doing him a great disservice. This fight could be the biggest fight in the history of the division and all SIlva needs to do is show up. Chael will be doing the leg work in promoting the fight so all Silva needs to do is show up and fight to get a huge pay cheque,

One thing this has shown me is that a fighter can suffer due to his fans and care takers. For years i was cheering for Fedor to lose, not because i dislike him, but because his fans and his care takers have turned me from him. Fedor is an amazing human being who is humble beyond any regular human should be, but M-1 and his sheep made me want him to fail at every turn. I dislike Silva for reasons that i am no longer sure are his fault. I blame Silva for acting humble and being a jackass later, which could be totally wrong. Ed is the one talking for him so i am starting to think he is the sole reason why I do not like SIlva. Talking heads and flag wavers tend to over shadow a fight on times, and i know this is the same for Chael followers as well. I shake my head every time someone states that Anderson is scared, or that Fedor is scared. Fighters fear no one, its the ones who prop them up that are weak at the knees.

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