Ohhh... Yeeeahh.... BLOODY ELBOWS Time!  :D

Looks like next round allows for Bloody Elbows... Muahahaha....


First of of all.....


LETS MUTHERFUCKERS!!!!!   I hope you all enjoyed the lip read version... like i said MTV2 and cable would not apporive... LOL


Figured you guys could make a moving gif out of it like the one attached here with a text in it... lol


But seriously Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me. Whether it's before a fight, after a fight, after a win or loss... You guys really make what I do seem so freakin awesome when I hear all the positive feedback and support.

It just makes me feel like I'm doing something right... and I am not alone in believing in myself and my dream of becoming a World Champion. This is what makes it all worth it. All the years of blood, sweat, and tears, all my hardwork seems to truly be paying off. Fighting my way back to the top is exactly my plan. I am never gonna give up or second guess my true path in life. I was born for this. I am never gonna stop killing myself every single day until I get what I want... until I feel my life has reached it's peak and all accomplishments on my "To Do" list have been checked off.

I created my "Bucket List" At a very young age... and I'll be damned if I die before succeeding! This sport has it's ups and downs... but even in the most depressing times. I will never lose focus and will continue to push on... my mentality is my strongest weapon... something no man can break. I always believe in myself and my abilities no matter what, and know I have what it takes to make it to the top. No matter what obstacles or draw backs my career has had and may still get hit with... One thing I know for sure is no man alive can break my will to become what I have set out to be.

Thank you all again. You really have no clue how much your support helps fire me up and raise the positive energy in my life and in my fighting journey. You guys all contribute to my career and my performances. I come to fight, win, lose, or draw. I try to keep it aggressive and exciting no matter where the fight takes place. I try my best to stay active and look for the finish every single fight, because in my opinion that's what makes this sport so great. Fights that are like that are why this is the fastest growing sport in the world, imo. I love MMA and want to see it become bigger than Football and bigger or atleast as respected and as big as boxing. If I can contribute to the rise of MMA world wide then I am doing my part. I am contributing to the greatest sport since "Gladiators in the Colosseum". & I've come to realize, That my friends is my purpose in life. =)

P.S. Who knows... maybe the world will evolve into something crazy like "The Running Man" violence sells.... HAHAHAHA j/k =)



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