BE Civil War: UFC 136 Results (aka was that as good for you as it was for me?)

Hello fellow warriors.  Sorry for the delay on this- I'm still without a computer and the library wasn't open until today on account of the celebration of this country's raping at the hands of European gold mongers.  The season is officially a third of the way done and the competition remains close.  UFC 136 was the most anticipated card of the year and featured only 2 finishes.  Who could have seen that coming?  Oh yeah- I DID!  And to a lesser extent, so did Horselover Fat, Sun Yue and crazybones.  4 scores over 90 is rare indeed and for the first time this season, a member of this competition scored the highest out of over 3000 people on the entire PG site.  I'm not going to fellate myself anymore, as having yáll wait until Tuesday for results likely cancels out any goodwill towards my performance of the season.  On account of being at the 1/3 milepost, I'm handing out some awards.

Player of the Season (so far):  Sun Yue.  I know that crazbones is ahead of Sun for the season, but this is Yue's first season on PG, and he's really been destroying.  Very impressive stuff from the real life champ. 

Captain of the Season: Kaleb Kelchner.  His season could have easily gone off the rails early with his #1 pick (He Who Shall Not Be Named) missing the very first event and 2 other members never even starting, but Business as Usual went all Joey Beltran and stuck in there.  The question is, can they go Frankie Edgar and win this thing?  I say fuck no. 

 Most Disappointing: It would be really easy to just say Subo, but I think that we have to go Team Spinning Fish here.  They were the preseason favorites but are mired in the cellar.  That said, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they just went on a tear and were in first by the 2/3's mark.

Most Surprising: K-1 Level Predictions.  Buoyed by an excellent performance on UFC on Vs. 6 and crazybones''BE Fight Camp leading season performance, they've opened up a decent lead.  But every action as an equal and opposite blah blah, and this lead can easily disappear in 2 events. 

I'd also like to point out that 11 of the top 13 scores for the camp are from this competition.  We have a 3 week break to refresh, recover and rebuild.  I suggest that everyone use this time wisely or else you'll end up like Jon Jones- out of shape during a naked photo shoot for ESPN the Magazine. 


JDH- 105

MDH- 86

Balrog- 77

19Miles- 77

TitanFan2K- 75

Noahwob- 75

pridedaze09- 70

OurBovinePublic- 63

milk72- 60

Joben- 55

Imaginary Enemy- 53

Kingatrock- 48

Pookie Gnome- 45

J Maddux- 45

Bonedoctor- 32

Total- 966



T1)Team: BAU

hardy's in your face - 89
Luke Nelson - 83
Kaleb Kelchner - 82
TC Engel - 80
Hendo One-Shot - 76
LBO - 75
Stiff Jab - 76
av1o3 - 64
Tim Bernier - 58
Sam Cupitt - 47
IKilled007 - 52
Rollo - 52
Fedornuthugger - 43
halitosis - 46
Farthammer - 43

Total - 966

3) Team: Pick Em Champs

sun yue 94
mountaineers101 80
tats16  82
King of the Dogs        81
alicks  71
Jeffigatame     88
lowellthehammer 44
skeebop 71
bcpjkell        49
zombiehobbes    79
inthepipes      61
krCampbell      45
Robert Cowan    36
ElliotMatheny   0 (36)
duck    43

TOTAL   960

4) Team: Spinning Fish

HorseloverFat (c) -  94
wonderfulspam -  88
 bonesthebaptist -  75
ludakrish -  69
Montefisto -  66
chris81203 -  65
SteveevaD -  65
afrotikiman -   64
Memitim - 61
sday420 -  61
Ulf_Murphy -  60
EmptyThoughts -  53
inadvertantgroinstrike -  47 (Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist)
DarkCarnival220 -  37
bodytriangle -  33

TOTAL = 938

5) Team- K-1

crazybones - 92
lanky6 - 88
StevenGiles - 87
Snatchl - 75
cmons - 70
Fedorable - 62
dgonz - 58
Shotokanman (doctorjekyll) - 58
ThomasFlynn - 55
FightingFighting - 55
manch1ld - 54
Andy Davis - 54
NaciremaDream - 50
zakkree - 43
KMcCaig (slimdigg) - 26

Total - 927


Overall Standings:

1) K-1: 3501

2) Pick Em- 3405

3) JTT- 3295

4) BAU- 3247

5) Spinning Fish- 3212

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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