An aberto letter to Chael Sonnen


Mr Sonnen,

I understand you would like another attempt to win my UFC middle weight championship.  As I’m sure you are aware, I’ve held that title for over 5 years and in that time I have fought and defeated all of the best men the UFC could find to put in front of me.  As everyone is aware, we faced each other just a year ago.  After that fight (which I entered with a serious injury), you were of course caught for having been using massive amounts of performance enhancing drugs.  Even under those circumstances, you of course submitted to me. 

I understand since that time you have had a difficult time.  From you legal difficulties with the United States government over white collar fraud (you weren’t joking about being a republican I guess) to being forced to admit to the world about your “deficiencies” in areas related to your man parts in an attempt to escape punishment for your failed drug test, I’m sure it has been a difficult year for you.

Perhaps it is those difficulties combined with the fact you have lost to every Brazilian you have ever faced which has caused you to come a bit unhinged in regard to me (being a proud Brazilian myself) and those around me.  I’m sure my countries booming economy while your country is going through a very difficult time may have added to your frustrations.

I can understand how all of the above must have been very difficult for you and I do sympathize.  However, no matter your personal trials (literally) and tribulations, you do not have the right to verbally attack me, my family, those close to me, and my country.  There is also no need for these gimmicky and childish “stipulations” you would wish to impose on any future match we may have (also what give you the right as a challenger with a very average record to impose stipulations on the champion?).  If we do face each other in combat again in the future, it will simply be as two men facing off to test their skills and I would hope you would do so honorably this time.

I understand you would like another chance to face me for the title and the fans of our great sport would also greatly like to see this.   Even though after a loss a challenger would normally be required to do more to prove they are worthy of another chance, I grant that you performed gallantly in our previous match prior to submitting to me.  That combined with my fans interest in a rematch does leave me inclined to grant you another chance. 

However, I simply in good conscience cannot at the same time reward your previous poor behavior.  A mixed martial artist should be better than what you have been.  As a champion and man of honor, I see helping you become a better person and giving you the chance to earn some sort of redemption as my duty.  So even there are challengers with better records and have worked for years to earn a shot at my title, I feel you may be in greater need of this validation and thus am willing to grant your wish.  However, to receive this great gift, you must at least show some promise of being worthy of redemption.  To that end, I will agree to grant your wish for another title shot, but you must first offer a genuine and contrite apology to the honorable Nogueira brothers, my lovely wife, and my great countrymen (I require no apology personally, as if you agree to the previous I’ll personally extract any retribution required in our rematch).

If you make the required apologies and truly believe you can behave as an honorable martial artist going forward, I would be happy to grant you your wish and again face you in the octagon for the middle weight championship of the world.

Best wishes and I eagerly await your decision,

Anderson “the spider” Silva

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