Report: Antonio Mckee Has Been Released Following UFC 125 Loss to Jacob Volkmann

Looks like Dana White is dead serious about cutting people who talk trash but don't perform. -- Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Antonio Mckee's debut on the "big leagues" ended up in a split-decision loss to Jacob Volkmann on UFC 125, and it looks like he won't be getting another chance to redeem himself. Much like his Bodyshop teammate Jason High, the former MFC champion has received his walking papers despite having only one decision loss with the promotion. Five Ounces of Pain has it:

Antonio McKee has been cut from the company’s roster after a single split-decision defeat inside the Octagon. The loss was the first for McKee, who was said to have originally inked a four-year deal with the organization, since February 2003.

News of the professional separation was confirmed by Five Ounces of Pain with sources close to the involved parties.


Shortly after the bout, Antonio talked about suffering his first defeat in seven years, and promised to make improvements:

"It was funny because I've never really been nervous for my other fights. I was really nervous, not about my opponent, but just the crowd, the people. I didn't want people to be disappointed in my performance. I was surprised that I got that nervous, but the UFC is intimidating. I didn't realize it was that intimidating actually being in there."

"I didn't think it was the right decision. But you know what, man? I got too excited because I was winning on the feet for the first time in my life (laughs). I was like, I'm going to try and knock this dude out. He stayed outside and I tried to make him fight in the middle of the ring. He did a good job running and they called it a split decision, which I didn't think was right. I thought I won the first round. I definitely gave him the second round, and the third round I won. I was the one trying to fight. I wasn't running; I was trying to get it on right there in the middle of the ring."

"This is just a setback, a bit of a humbling experience for me, and a reminder to go in there and not leave it in the judges' hands. By no means am I going to change as a person. I'm still going to up the ante. When I get my next opponent I'm going to let everybody know what I'm going to do again, only this time I'm going to impose my will. ...Trust me, as soon as I make those adjustments I'll be right back talking smack."

He won't be getting a chance to show it in the Octagon though.

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