A Sonnenite Counter-Insurgency Or An Odd Coincidence, A Look at Message Board Behaviors

As reported yesterday, Chael Sonnen pleaded guilty money laundering charges. This news broke late last night around 8ish pm EST. Once that broke, a funny thing started occurring. Threads started to be created on various MMA message boards such as the once-great (but now overrun by tenors and tro11s) Underground and the never-great Sherdog accusing Anderson Silva of several different types of cheating. 

One such thread alleged that Anderson Silva could be on Steroids or HGH because of pencaps syringes shown while Silva was giving a reporter a tour of his house. 


They state that when blown up, the boxes with the red arrows pointing to them are these:



According to the manufacturer's website, Novofine 31 G pencaps are used to inject the body with insulin or hormones . These pen caps are used in conjunction with the devices in the 3rd picture which would be used to house the substance. So it is quite likely Anderson or someone in his family has diabetes, but there is no way of knowing what the use of the pencaps are for. 

Another thread alleges that a supplement found on his kitchen counter is ILLEGAL. 


Posters state that a bottle on the counter is the above brand supplement "T-Bomb II". Now it's not easy to make out the bottle even when blowing the picture up, but they o look similar. So let's assume they are and Silva uses T-Bomb II. T-bomb II is a supplement with the active ingredient Tribulus based from the plant tribulus terrestris. Now, this is not a steroid or a prohormone, in fact, it has been used primarily as an, ahem, sex drive booster. These types of products do not add testosterone to the body, nor do they chemically alter the body's production of testosterone. Also, considering no man has his vitamins and supplements all stacked neat with the labels all facing front, one can guess that this was product placement. 

Also, a bottle of Taraxatone is alleged to be seen in this picture. 


Yes, Taxaratone IS a diuretic, but it is not illegal and it is not banned. Not by the NFL, not by the Olympics. In fact, it is listed as an approved supplement by many organizations. There are also foods that are considered weak natural diuertics like fennel, asparagus, cabbage, and green tea.

Personally, I find the coincidence quite odd that these th reads are all popping up at the same time that the Sonnen news came out. There's enough misinformation to muddy the waters and distract from the bigger issue. 

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