The Week in Quotes: December 26th - January 1st

Photos by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images


"I think Frankie Edgar's going to walk out with that belt." - Anthony Pettis, leading up to the UFC 125 main event between Edgar and Gray Maynard. The good news? Pettis nailed his prediction. The bad news? He's gonna have to wait for his title shot after Edgar and Maynard fought to a split draw. (MMA Weekly)

"I think that the fight could have easily been stopped in the first round." - Maynard, credited with two knockdowns in round one by FightMetric. (MMA Torch)

"The ref was talking to me the whole time and I do not think that he was on verge of stopping it at any time." - Edgar, adding, "I remember Matt Brown versus Pete Sell. Gray was gonna have to kill me in there."

"I thought that the belt was mine before the judges announced the draw." - Maynard

"I really thought that I had won the fight before the judges announced the draw; I did not think there was going to be a draw." - Edgar

"I thought I won the third for sure, I felt the fifth was even. I really thought that he backed off the fifth. I thought the first round was a 10-7, but could have possibly been a 10-8." - Maynard

"He of course caught me with that big shot in the first, but I felt as if I won the last four rounds." - Edgar

"Even though I got my win bonus and I get my fight of the night bonus, it is not about the money, it is about being the best." - Maynard, who isn't winning over fans with this wholesome "I just love to compete" angle. C'mon, Gray, denigrate other cultures with borderline xenophobic hate speech. Or threaten to motorboat GSP. Or something. 

"It was very disappointing to get a draw, I just threw the belt over my shoulder out of frustration." - Edgar, with a wink and nod.


"He is a clown who speaks so much junk." - UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, criticizing Chael Sonnen. (Fighters Only)

"He speaks for self-promotion but this is going beyond the point. This is bad for his image and damages our image." - Aldo, on Sonnen's comments about Brazil and Brazilian fighters.

"There (in the U.S.) they think there are only Indians and alligators in the streets [of Amazonia] but it is changing. You can't write what Sonnen says. Let him speak [expletive]." - Aldo. And here I was thinking Brazil was full of jiu-jitsu gyms and half-naked women everywhere.


"How does a person leaves a fight versus Brock Lesnar in perfect physical condition and then get hurt without being in training?" - Junior dos Santos, responding to reports that UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will be out 6-8 months due to rotator cuff surgery. Velasquez claims he injured his shoulder during the Lesnar fight, and that rehabilitation efforts have failed. (Portal do Vale Tudo)

"The last news I heard about Velasquez, he was riding in Mexico. How did he get injured?" - Dos Santos

"I'm in the best moment of my career, training heavily and working hard to put on the fight of my life, and all of a sudden, this is postponed for eight months. That's unfair." - Dos Santos. Being born with AIDS in poverty-stricken Africa is unfair. You're just inconvenienced.

"I don't make as much money as the top fighters, so I really need to work." - Dos Santos. Maybe the UFC can reschedule Brendan Schaub for the sixth time.

"I do think what would be most fair, would be Dana gives me the opportunity to fight for an interim belt." - Dos Santos. The UFC might as well install the interim heavyweight title as a permanent belt at this point. Frank Mir will fight for it twice a year.


"We thought Volkmann could wrestle. Volkmann can’t wrestle." - Antonio McKee, outwrestled by Jacob Volkmann en route to a split decision loss at UFC 125. (Sherdog)

"I feel like I’m the Muhammad Ali of MMA. I feel like I’m the Don King of MMA. I feel like I’m the Tupac Shakur of MMA. I’m the mouth, the talent, the brains, and I’m also the business side." - McKee, former convicted murder now victim of Parkinson's disease who will one day be shot on Koval Lane in Las Vegas following a Mike Tyson fight.

"Where does that put me? That puts me as one of the all-time greatest black mixed martial arts fighters." - McKee. I suppose beating Carlo Prater and Derrick Noble puts you in the discussion.


"Some people are saying, 'I don't have ION.' You can get ION with rabbit ears. It's a broadcast network. Everybody gets it. Everybody gets this channel. Get a pair of the old rabbit ears out, and you'll pick it up." - UFC President Dana White, who believes that everyone below his tax bracket still has a pair of rabbit ear antennas lying around the house. (MMA Junkie)


"You know, I think I trained seven days for this fight and it definitely showed." - Todd Duffee, knocked out in 19 seconds by Alistair Overeem in exchange for $60,000 cash money. (Fight Opinion)

"I felt like I could have done what ever I wanted." - Thiago Silva, who slapped, spanked, and drummed on Brandon Vera at UFC 125. (MMA Fighting)

"He’s got more fights in the UFC than I have fights overall. But I’ll take my experiences in life over his fights any day. The mental agility, stress and adversity I’ve had to overcome overseas will play a factor in this fight." - Brian Stann, who knocked out an alcoholic the day after the biggest drinking holiday of the year. So yeah, mental agility probably came into play here. (Las Vegas Sun)

"Everybody knows he is strong but is psychologically weak. Everybody knows he goes to bits before going in to fight, so I’m damaging his mind already." - Wanderlei Silva, calling out and talking trash about Vitor Belfort. Belfort knocked out Silva in 44 seconds at "UFC: Ultimate Brazil" in 1997. (Fighters Only)

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