Not So Breaking News: GSP's New Agency is...

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MONTREAL – UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre recently terminated his manager Shari Spencer after giving her the "it’s not you, it’s me" speech. Many speculated as to whom he would choose to represent him. Names like Drew Rosenhaus, Aaron Goodman, Mark Steinberg and other super-agents were thrown about. Since GSP is one of the biggest faces in the fast-rising sport of MMA, it would be a major coup. But who would GSP choose?

"I was sitting in my living room," recalled St. Pierre. "I was watching my television and I saw this documentary about this amazing guy. He was an agent in Hollywood. He was a little guy, but he was a big shot. He could make things happen."

The "documentary" St. Pierre is referring to is the HBO show "Entourage" which stars Jeremy Piven as super-agent Ari Gold. Gold is a brash, often crude man whose hard work and inability to accept no for an answer made him one of the biggest agents on the fictitious show.

"Look at the guy," continued GSP. "He spends all his time with the client. We barely see him at home. He’s always working hard for the client making sure the client is satisfied. That’s the kind of dedication I want. I said to myself, 'I am going to hire that guy.'"

Patrick Cote, a St. Pierre training partner, doesn’t have the heart to tell St. Pierre that it is a television show.

"I mean [GSP] is so happy. I haven’t seen him that excited since…well actually, he’s always that excited," stated Cote. "He’s a happy guy. But still, I can’t tell him it’s fake."

St. Pierre recently described a trip to Los Angeles where he went to meet with Ari Gold face-to-face.

"So I went to L.A. to find Ari Gold. I look everywhere for ‘Miller-Gold Agency’", but it was not there," said GSP. "I call the operator; I look in the yellow pages, but no ‘Miller-Gold’."

St. Pierre got discouraged and was about to head home until a chance encounter at a Starbucks.

"So I went to get some coffee and guess who I ran into?" asked GSP. "Ari Gold. I said ‘Hey Ari, can we talk business?’ He looked at me like I was crazy; I think he was hiding from paparazzi. So he came over to me and said ‘Hey, you’re GSP, you’re one of my favorite fighters, can I get your autograph?’ I was like ‘Sure sure’. Then I ask him if he would like meet up so we can discuss business. He agreed, so I’ll be coming out to L.A. next week. He says I can come by the set. I guess one of his big clients is shooting a movie."

St. Pierre flew back to Montreal excited at the prospects of what Ari Gold could bring to him, still unaware that the show is a comedy.

I contacted Jeremy Piven by phone call and asked him for comment. The veteran actor reiterated how much he loves MMA, pointing to fighters like GSP and Chuck Liddell as being his favorites, and said that he’d love to have St. Pierre make a  guest appearance on Entourage.

"That GSP is a nice guy -- a real nice guy," said Piven. "Though I don’t understand why the autograph was made out, 'To Ari Gold.'"

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