Fantasy HW Grand Prix...Round 1, Fight 4 (Lesnar vs. Arlovski)

3 fights down...3 blow outs.

The most recent fight has Fedor beating Big Country by a landslide.  Fedorearned 83% of the votes, with 65 coming by way of TKO/KO.  No big surprise there.

The revised brackets are as follows:

(the Numbers in front of the name are the promotional rankings, and the number in the parenthesis are the USA TODAY / SB Nation Consensus MMA Rankings)

Bracket 1:

Bracket 2:


Bracket 3:

Bracket 4:


What I will do (if anyone has read this far along) I put up a new poll every couple of day, until we have the official #1 Heavyweight crowned.

Time for the voting

Fight #4:

UFC #2 Brock Lesnar (#2) vs. Strikeforce #7 Andrei Arlovski (#16)

Pro's for Brock:

  • Size/Strength /Wrestling. Its no surprise that Brock is probably the strongest/biggest heavyweight in the division. He's a behemoth.  Arlovski...not so much.  Brock should have no problem being able to take Arlovski down and keeping him there, as long as he can survive the flurry of punches that Alrovski will throw at him.
  • Chin.  I might get some shit for this, but I think Brock's chin is quite serviceable for his skill set. He might not like getting punched, but he took a beating from both Cain and Carwin, without getting knocked out.  If he shoots in on Arlovski, and has to eat a punch or two to get there, I don't think it will be to big of a problem for him. 
  • Power.  He KO'd Randy.  He broke Herrings eye socket.  He mutilated Mirs face with hammer fists.  The dude has power.  He just has to be able to use it.  And against a fighter in Arlovski whose chin has failed him time and time again...that can be a dangerous combination.

Pro's for Arlovski:

  • Striking.  Although Arlovski comes from a background in Grappling with Sambo, his biggest strength is his striking, more specifically, his boxing.  Working extensively with Freddie Roach in the past few years, Arlovski has really improved his stand up. In fact, he was out striking Fedor throughout their fight, until he decided to throw an untimely flying knee.  His stand up is light years ahead of Brocks, and, if he can keep it standing, he should be able to either KO or outpoint Brock to a decision.
  • Grappling.  Like I said before, Arlovski comes from a Sambo background, so he's clearly well versed in submissions.  Whether or not he'd be able to transition that into a submission win is unlikely, as Brock dominated a superior grappler in Mir.  But it isn't out of the question to assume that Arlovski can grab a hold of an ankle or a leg and force Brock to tap.

Time to vote for the 4th fight of the first round.  Which former UFC HWchampion will come away with a victory? The 280 lb behemoth? or the lightning handed Belarousian?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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