UFC Fight for the Troops 2 - Live Results and Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC Fight for the Troops 2. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook stream (7:00 p.m. ET) and continue through the Spike TV broadcast (9:00 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

The event is headlined by a bout between lightweights Evan Dunham and Melvin Guillard. Also on the card are heavyweight battles Matt Mitrione vs. Tim Hague and Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran. Mark Hominick also will be taking on George Roop with a title shot on the line should Hominick be victorious.

As always we have our rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

Kid Nate writing. Here we go with the Facebook broadcast. I elected to skip the Alves vs. Brenneman which started in the third round.

Waylon Lowe vs. Willamy "Chiquerim" Freire

Round 1: Lowe with the early take down. In Freire's guard. And they stay there for a long time. Freire threatening a kimura from full guard. Ref Dan Miraglottia with a trade mark terrible restart. Rogan is furious. Lowe lands a punch and drops Freire. Follows him down to guard. Lowe has no offensive plan from here. Landing a few shots but nothing hard. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 Lowe.

Round 2: Lowe with a combination of punches that he follows up with a clinch. Freire saved from a take down by the fence. They're clinched against the fence.  They separate. Another take down from Lowe. Freire threatens with a triangle. Lowe slams his way out of it. Lowe in guard. Advances to half guard. This is what they call a grinding fight. Another stand up. Lowe looking gassed. Leg kicks from Freire. Lowe shoots again, gets another take down. Bloody Elbow scores the 2nd 10-9 Lowe.

Round 3: Freire throwing some leg kicks, a straight right. Lowe shoots, Freire escapes. Lowe shoots and gets stuffed. Stays on his knees and Freire is stymied. Lowe baits him in. Freire manages to land in mount. Lowe regains half guard. Freire scoring blows. Lowe uses a whizzer to stand up. Lowe shoots again, puts Freire down. Lowe in half guard. Friere working the kimura again. Bloody Elbow scores it 10-9 for Freire. 29-28 Lowe. We await the official decision.

Waylon Lowe defeats Williamy Freire by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Hey, gang! Mike Fagan here. I'll be running things until further notice.

Mike Brown vs. Rani Yahya

Round 1: The long-lost Mario Yamasaki is the referee for this bout. Yahya comes out throwing teeps and low kicks. Lots of lateral movement from Yahya. Continues with the kicks. Brown gets inside and throws a big right hand. Yahya drops down, looking for a single, but Brown fends it off. This looks like a cat-and-mouse game. Yahya shoots in for a single, but Brown works back to his feet. Scramble ends up with working on a deep body lock. Yahya on top now, throwing shots to the body. Brown tries to wall walk to his feet, but Yahya tries a gullotine. Brown works out, but Yahya drags Brown back to the ground. Yahya sneaks his way toward Brown's back as the round ends. Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Yahya.

Round 2: Brown comes out aggressive, throwing huge power shots. Yahya gets in close and jumps into a guillotine. Weird lull as Brown is carrying Yahya. Brown finally finds an opening to plant Yahya on the mat, but finds himself defending a guillotine. Brown works out and has Yahya pasted against the fence. Yahya sweeps, and the two stand up after a scramble. Clinching against the fence now. Brown disengages with two minutes to go. Back to the cat-and-mouse game. Yahya closes distance, clinch game up against the fence. They disengage. Yahya dives in for a lazy double leg. Brown working drags him down with a front headlock as the round ends. Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Brown.

Round 3: Yahya shoots for a takedown right away. Brown stuffs it, and we're up against the fence. Fun clinch work here. Double underhooks leads to a takedown into half-guard for Yahya. Brown eating some shots. He rolls over, but Yahya transitions to his back. Both hooks in now. Brown trying to spin into guard, but Yahya locks in a body triangle. Punches from Yahya. Brown sits up, and Yahya latches on to a choke attempt. Yahya lets go, and lays down some more leather. Mario Yamasaki stops the action to verbally warn Yahya for punches to the back of the head. Big opportunity for Brown here. Yahya dives in, Brown stuffs, and we're in a scramble. Brown has the back, but Yahya works back to his feet. Yahya switches, and ends up on top of Mike Brown. Rounds ends. Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Yahya and awards him the bout 29-28.

Rani Yahya defeats Mike Brown by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Mike Guymon vs. DaMarques Johnson

Round 1: Guymon shoots in, Johnson stuffs, and we're clinching up against the fence. Johnson whips Guymon down, landing in side control. Little scramble, and Guymon regains guard. Johnson passes to side control, and then steps over into mount. Guymon turns over, and Johnson grabs the back as he throws punches. Body triangle for Johnson. Johnson flattens Guymon out, and...Guymon taps? Guymon starts rolling around in pain. Rogan thinks he sees something off with Guymon's rib.

DaMarques Johnson defeats Mike Guymon by verbal tap.

Yves Edwards vs. Cody McKenzie

Round 1: McKenzie comes out quick with strikes, which he uses to set up a shot. He grabs a hold of an ankle, and briefly puts Edwards down. Clinching against the fence now. They disengage. Yves wins an exchange. McKenzie dives in for a takedown, but Edwards stuffs him. Edwards controlling the standup. Nice combinations from Edwards. And another. Nice body shot from Yves. McKenzie dives in again, and Edwards stuffs. The disparity in striking is quite evident here. McKenzie clinches and drops down into guard. Scramble ends up with McKenzie in upside down back control. Edwards shakes him off, and we're back standing. Wild exchange from McKenzie, who drops levels again. Round ends standing. Bloody Elbow scores the round 10-9 for Edwards.

Round 2: Edwards comes out with jabs. Very nice combination from Edwards. And another. McKenzie is just taking a beating here early. Edwards is throwing combos while McKenzie is throwing one strike at a time. McKenzie shoots in, and ends up on Edwards back after a scramble. Side control now. Yves gets to his knees, but McKenzie maintains control. Yves back to his feet, but McKenzie drags him back down. Body triangle from the back now. Cody throwing a volume of strikes. Yves explodes back up, but McKenzie drags him right back down. Yves on top in side control after a patient scramble. Full mount for Edwards now. Back control. Rear naked choke! McKenzie holding on, but for too long! McKenzie goes out as referee Jon Schrole steps in!

Yves Edwards defeats Cody McKenzie by rear naked choke at 4:33 of round two.

The Spike Broadcast is live. First fight up shortly.

Brent Brookhouse taking back over.

Cole Miller vs. Matt Wiman - Round 1 - Low kick by Wimanand now he charges in with a nice three punch combo that gets through and Miller turns him and lands some nice hard shots of his own. They're trading some good back and forth shots and Wiman comes in with a sharp uppercut. Miller gets a clinch and lands a few knees to the body before Wiman finds distance. Wiman continues to wade forward with punches and he's getting through with some of his shots. Another knee to the body by Miller and Wiman lands a nice elbow inside. Miller tries to wrap up and pull guard and Wiman throws him to the ground and starts to work some ground and pound. What was a very close round is starting to be won by Wiman as he's on top landing punches. Miller is trying for a few sweeps but Wiman uses his underrated ground game to stay on top and keep landing shots. 10-9 round for Wiman.

Round 2 - They trade on the feet and briefly scramble after Wiman goes for a guillotine but end up standing. Miller throws a knee and Wiman grabs it and throws him to the ground before staring to work his ground and pound again. Nice elbows from the top by Wiman. Miller manages to escape back to his feet. Miller working a nice jab and Wiman lands a crisp leg kick before pushing Miller into the cage. Wiman puts him on the ground again and starts to land some big shots. Wiman is absolutely dominating this fight on the ground and the always tough Miller is starting to wilt a little bit. Wiman is really starting to dominate and the round ends. 10-9 Wiman (could even possibly be 10-8)

Round 3 - Miller is jawing at Wiman before the round and Wiman blasts him with a combo out of the gate. Wiman again pushes him into the cage. Wiman ends up on top for the majority of the round again, doing less damage this round but still landing some sharp elbows from the top and not letting Miller do anything but fail on the occasional sweep attempts. With about 40 seconds left Wiman opens up and forces Miller to give up his back. 10-9 Wiman again for the clean sweep. That's the most impressive performance of Wiman's career in my eyes and one that really drives home just how underrated he is.

Official Scorecards: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 all for Matt Wiman. Matt Wiman wins by unanimous decision. I have no clue who scored a round for Miller, but the right guy won.

Pat Barry vs. Joey Beltran - Round 1 - Feeling out at first and Barry pushes him into the cage after about a minute. Beltran turns him and lands a punch to the body before starting to look for a single leg but Barry defends initially. Foot stomps by Beltran. The ref restarts them for lack of action. Barry with a hard leg kick and Beltran tries to fire off a combo but doesn't get through. Now he does land a right hand but ends up eating a leg kick. Beltran landing some very hard punches now and pushes Barry into the cage and lands a few punches to the body before landing a few more to the head and some knees to the legs. Beltran is doing a nice job of forcing Barry to defend with his back against the cage so far but he can't eat those leg kicks at distance. Accidental low blow on a knee by Beltran and there's a break in the action so Barry can recover. The round ends and I have it 10-9 Beltran.

Round 2- Barry throws a head kick and throws a right hand behind it. Head kick by Barry is partially blocked and now a leg kick. Barry looks much better early in this round. Another good leg kick by Barry and now Beltran storms forward with a combo and pushes him into the cage. Foot stomps by Beltran again. Now a few punches but it's slow and they are restarted again. Leg kicks by Barry and Beltran lands a few punches and a leg kick of his own. Leg kick again and now a clean head kick by Barry. Another leg kick and Beltran is folding. Barry still landing the leg kicks and he has clearly won this round but Beltran keeps coming forward and lands a nice short uppercut.  Nice knee by Beltran and a punch at the end of the round. 10-9 Barry but it's really embarrassing to hear Goldie and Rogan ignore EVERYTHING that Beltran does.

Round 3 - Barry throwing a head kick again and Beltran eats it. Beltran pushes him into the cage and lands some hard body shots and some good punches to the head. Barry is just not doing enough this fight. Beltran is keeping him pushed into the cage and is landing some nice shots and has Barry bleeding. I'm not sure why, but they're restarted while Beltran is landing punches. Beltran lands a left hook and Barry misses a head kick. Leg kick by Barry. Eye poke by Barry and a leg kick afterward and Beltran runs away covering his eye. Replay shows a very clear eye poke by Barry. Another leg kick by Barry and Beltran's leg is huting. Beltran cases the leg and can't get the takedown. Another hard leg kick by Barry and Beltran falls down. Barry is throwing hammerfists to the leg and moves to full mount. Head kick by Barry. He managed to come back and win this round and should win the fight. Left hand by Beltran but he eats a hard shot to the body.Left hand by Beltran again and another leg kick and the fight is over. 10-9 Barry should give him a 29-28 win but I'm not in love with what we saw from Barry tonight.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28. Pat Barry wins by unanimous decision.

Mark Hominick vs. George Roop - Round 1- Roop with a knee and punch to start. He's trying to stay outside and land straight punches and kicks. Head kick blocked now for Roop. Right hand by Hominick drops Roop and Hominick tells him to get up and he lands a left hand. Another short left hand by Hominick. Another left hook lands and Roop lands a leg kick bu he's having a lot of trouble keeping distance now. Huge left hand by Hominick and as Roop is defending the ref jumps in and stops it. Stoppage may have been a little too quick but the fight was pretty well over at that point. Mark Hominick wins by TKO (punches), round 1. Replays showed it was a fine stoppage. Roop was hurt badly and was only going to take more punishment. Just because a guy isn't out doesn't mean it should keep going.

Matt Mitrione vs. Tim Hague - Round 1 - Leg kick by Hague almost a minute in is the biggest strike so far this fight and now as Mitrione tries for a leg kick Hague catches it and pushes him into the cage. Mitrione manages to turn so that Hague is against the cage but they separate. Hague lands a leg kick but Mitrione responds with some nice shots. Mitrione misses with a head kick and lands a leg kick right afterward. Left hand hurts Hague and Tim falls and covers up. A few more heavy shots by Mitrione and the fight is over. Matt Mitrione wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Melvin Guillard vs. Evan Dunham - Round 1 - Body kick by Dunham early. Hard right hand by Melvin and a big hammerfist as Dunham shoots for a single. Now Dunham with a takedown and Melvin pushes his own back to the cage. Melvin manages to stand up and lands some hard shots that forces Dunham backward and now a sharp combo by Melvin, he is really letting his hands go. Body kick by Dunham as Melvin jumps. Hard body punch by Melvin. Big punch by Melvin and Dunham is hurt badly. Uppercut as Dunham shoots and Melvin is blasting away as Dunham is looking for the takedown. Big knee and Dunham is rocked badly, another one lands and another and the last may have been illegal but the ref was jumping in to stop the fight and Dunham was already more or less out. Melvin Guillard wins by TKO (knees), round 1. Tremendous performance by Guillard.


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