Unintelligent predictions : Fight Night FFTT2


Unintelligent Predictions



Main Event ; Melvin Guillard vs. Evan Dunham

As his last fight demonstrated, Melvin is still in a process of retooling and reinventing himself under Greg Jackson. With his physical tools, he is the type of fighter who could make dramatic improvements overnight. Look at the improvements in other lightweights such as Stevenson, and Guida, who have half the physical gifts of Guillard under the tutelage of Jackson. That said, his mental lapses are well publicized and Evan Dunham has soul-destroyer talent. Melvin is dangerous and strong, but I think this will be another brick in the wall Evan Dunham is climbing toward the title.

Dunham by submission.

Tim Hague vs Matt Mitrione

Tim isn't as bad as his 1-3 record in the UFC seems to suggest, but Meathead is going to be a force in the UFC. His athleticism and explosive power is belied by his average appearance. Tim will have to try get this fight to the ground and seek that choke quickly, because he does not need to get into a slugfest with anyone named Meathead. The question is, can he do this? Doubtful. Mitrione is going to blast Hague out with grown man punches.

Meat via KO.

Geoege Roop vs Mark Hominick

Roop's striking looked abysmal at 135 against Eddie Wineland, a fighter with similar technical acumen in terms of movement and footwork. I think he took that spanking to heart and has made an effort to change his game. At a better weight, he looked much improved against the stalking style of the Zombie. How much of that was the Zombie style inflating Roop's performance and how much of that is a serious upgrade is debatable. What isn't debatable is Hominick should still carry an advantage in a big way.

Hominick via decision.

Pat Barry

It's hard to say if Barry is being truthful with some of his statements or if he is trying to bait Beltran into a slugfest and play mind games. I tend to think the latter, and I believe he is good enough to keep from being laid on or finished by Beltran.

Barry via KO.

Hold up ; Actually, you know what, maybe I don't know if he is playing mind games, he seems like an open guy who speaks from the heart, and that has made me a huge fan of his. He's a genuine guy. Unless he is mind gaming dude. I unno.

Still, Barry KO.

Matt Wiman vs Cole Miller

This has fight of the night plastered all over it. Miller has stepped his boxing game up in recent times and I think this may prove to be the difference. I see Cole Miller as still some what of a prospect with more upside than Wiman and I expect him to engage Wiman in such a way to attempt to permanently challenge the "Handsome" Moniker. I think Miller looks for the finish and he either finds it or finds himself giving the fight away.

Miller via Submission

DaMarques Johnson vs Mike Guymon

Neither of these fighters belongs in the UFC. If Johnson can keep it standing he can edge it out. This is a pickem fight.

Johnson via TKO.

Yves Edwards vs Cody McKenzie

Edwards should own advantages across the board in all things except fighting spirit. He is old and fights old and is just the type of fighter who could fall into a choke he otherwise shouldn't. Cody fights well above his potential but regardless of his heart, and the lack of urgency from Yves, I just don't see him getting past the veteran. I think Yves could turn Cody into an old school highlight. That said, it wouldn't be a major shock to see Yves sitting on his knees with dejection smeared across his face as Cody runs around the cage celebrating a submission he had no business getting.

Edwards via TKO

Mike Brown vs Rani Yahya

Brown always seems to fight better off a loss with his career dangling in front of him, and being on short notice has never bothered him before. Roni Yahya couldn't ask for a worst match up. Brown will smash him.

Brown via KTFO.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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