Fantasy HW Grand Prix...Round 1, Fight 3 (Fedor vs. Nelson)

2 Fights down, and two very one-sided results.  The first fight, Cain Velasquez took out Sergei Kharitonov by way of TKO/KO.  The 2nd fight, Fabricio Werdum earns 70% of the votes, 63% coming by Submission, which isn't a very big surprise.

Also, with some good advice from JustBlogGuy, I altered the Brackets a bit in-order to create a better cross promotion bracket.  This way the semi's will have an opportunity for the UFC #1 to fight the Strikeforce #2 and vice-versa.

The revised brackets are as follows:

(the Numbers in front of the name are the promotional rankings, and the number in the parenthesis are the USA TODAY / SB Nation Consensus MMA Rankings)

Bracket 1:

Bracket 2:

Bracket 3:

Bracket 4:

What I will do (if anyone has read this far along) I put up a new poll every couple of day, until we have the official #1 Heavyweight crowned.

Time for the voting

Fight #3:

Strikeforce #1 Fedor Emelianenko(#3) vs. UFC #8 Roy Nelson (#14)

Pro's for Fedor:

  • Well Rounded-ness. Fedor is the definition of well-rounded. His primary background is Sambo, but he has some of the best stand up in the Heavyweight division with some seriously heavy hands.  He has shown that he can hold his own against any heavyweight in the world (even with the bad showing against Werdum) on the ground, and has KO'd many a fighter as well.  His Sambo/Judo allows him to take the fight to the groundagainst a lesser ground fighter, and his boxing allows him to be very dangerous on the feet against a lesser striker.  Pick your poison.
  • Speed.Many people talk about Fedor dropping to LHW because he's clearly a LHW with 20 lbs. of fat in his mid-section. But being as small as he is, compared to many other of the behemoth HW'sin the tournament, he will have a significant speed advantage over most. 
  • Experience.  Although Nelson is no slouch, and has been fighting upper echelon heavyweight for the past few years, he has shown that he doesn't quite have what it takes to beat the best of the best (Dos Santos, Arlovski, Rothwell).  Fedor on the other hand, has one of the best résumé in all of MMA (even if it often criticized).  Big Nog x's 2, Mark Coleman x's 2, Kevin Randleman, Crocop, Tim Sylvia, Arlovski, Brett Rogers, Fujita, Heath Herring, and Semmy Schilt all have fallen victim to Fedor's greatness.

Pro's for Nelson:

  • Deceiving Power: As he has shown against both Brendan Schaub and Stefan Struve, Nelson has serious KO power.  Many people know Nelson for his grappling prowess, but his stand up has shown to be serviceable, and if an opponent shows a lack of respect for his power, Nelson has the ability to put them to sleep.
  • Grappling.  Although Fedor is so well rounded, Fabricio Werdum showed that he isn't invincible.  If Nelson is able to use his weight and grappling ability to get Fedorto the ground, he certainly has the grappling ability to snatch an arm just like Werdum did.  Whether or not Fedor will be willing to follow a Renzo Gracie Black Belt to the ground is a whole different story, but if it does go to the mat, Big Country certainly has a way to end it.


 Alright, 2 fights down, and it time to vote for a 3rd.  Who wins in a battle between perennial #1 HW and the often overlooked Big Country.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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