Part II Former UFC HW's to re-sign with the UFC in 2011

This is the second part of the piece i posted up a few days ago which is here , if you like it,i'l post of the rest soon

The Fighters

1-Tim 'The Main-iac' Sylvia (28-6)


                                Sylvia:Celebrating his UFC 59 victory against Andrei Arlovski via second round tko.

A Former UFC Champ who fought for the belt a total of 9 times whilst in the organisation.Sylvia is currently on a four fight win streak outside of the UFC  with a recent knockout of former UFC fighter Paul Buentello  and a stoppage victory over the worlds strongest man Mariusz Pudzianowski spawning increased media attention for the former champ and many fans hoping to see Sylvia back.Tim has spoken about wanting to make a return to the UFC,

"I would definitely like to get back in the UFC or Strikeforce. We have talked with Strikeforce but right now we don't know what is happening right now. There is guys I want to fight in both shows.

If he is impressive versus Abe Wagner at Titan Fighting Championship 16 and against Pedro Rizzo the following month at Powerhouse World Promotions event in   he should definitely be in contention to re-sign with the UFC and possibly even matched up with Shane Carwin in the rumored June PPV in Vancouver, his size and reach could definitely give the former number one contender problems.When company president Dana White was asked about his opinion on Sylvia returning to the UFC he didn't hold back on why he thought it was a bad idea

Are you kidding me, he  seriously wants to return to the UFC?"  "He hasn't won a fight in years and when he did he usually put everyone to sleep, the only time he's in an exciting fight is when he's getting his [expletive] ass handed to him.(source)

You have to wonder id Dana's personal hatred towards Tim is unfair and possibly blocking the former champion and current top 20 heavyweight form making a return to the big stage.Tim holds victories in the UFC against Andrei Arlovski (twice),Jeff Monson, Ricco Rodriguez and Brandon Vera.Of his 6 career losses 5 were to top 10 Heavyweights Fedor,Big Nog,Mir,Couture(at the time) and Arlovski(at the time).He also suffered an embarrassing loss to former boxer Ray Mercer where he showed up to the fight grossly out of shape.Sylvia has since dropped the excess weight is looking like he is a win or two away from returning to the UFC.

2-Ricco 'Suave' Rodriguez (45-11)


       Pictured:Rodriguez battles MMA legend Randy Couture in 2002 for the vacant Heavyweight Championship.

Rodriguez is another former UFC HW Champion who holds notable victories in the UFC over Monson,Arlovski and Randy Couture(to win the Heavyweight title).'Suave' left the organisation seven years ago and battled personal issues in his life resulting in an appearance on celebrity rehab and weighing over 300 pounds at one point.Rodriguez  has gone 31-7 since leaving the UFC in 2003 and is currently riding a 10 fight win streak although the majority of the competition has been not been at an elite level.His most recent victory was against European fighter Daniel Tabera in where he attempted to make a cut to 205 pounds,'Suave' missed weight by 10 pounds and was forced to forfeit a percentage of his purse after winning a unanimous decision.Ricco has openly spoke about his desire to return to the UFC and end his career where he made his name in the beginning,

"Been a lot going on in my career. Last 10 fights, dropping down to 205, winning my last 10, just been a tough year working real hard, and I'm ready to step up to the big leagues," Rodriguez told "All my past history with Dana and everyone, I just want to totally apologize and hopefully put it behind us and there's still some great fights that the fans want to see. Hopefully all this can be possible."

Rumors are already circulating that he is currently in negotiations to return to the UFC as a Heavyweight in 2011 with a rematch against Big Nog being the most likely debut fight for Rodriguez.. ~Source

Ricco went on to talk about possible match ups he would like if he returns to te UFC 

"I want to be able to end my career in the UFC. I think a lot of fans want to see a Ricco Rodriguez/Randy Couture, they want to see possibly Frank Mir, there's still a lot out there they want to see me in top contendership and see if I'm even capable of doing it''

3-Jeff  'The Snowman' Monson (40-11                                                          


    Pictured:Monson celebrating his stoppage victory of Anthony Perosh on the UFC 61 'Bitter Rivals' card of 2006.

'The Snowman' is a former UFC number one contender who left the company in 2006 after fighting for the HW title and losing a decision to Tim Sylvia,he went 3-1 in his second stint in the UFC.Monson is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and a two-time Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Champion.Since Monson exited the UFC he has gone 17-5 fighting 23 times in four years.

The 'Snowman' scored notable wins against  world ranked number 14 Roy Nelson,Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix participant and former top 10 fighter Sergei Kharitonov,respected veteran Ubiratan Lima(11-4) and former UFC Champ Ricco Rodriguez(45-11) who has also been on a tear since leaving the UFC.Since leaving the UFC Monson also suffered losses to Pedro Rizzo(Twice),top ranked Josh Barnett,60 fight veteran Travis 'Diesel' Wiuff and fast rising prospect Shamil-Abdurahimov(11-1),four of these fights went to a decision one being split and another majority.

Monson has talked about making 205 in 2011 but with his size and muscle mass he may remain at heavyweight.The former number one contender was rumored to be in negotiations for a return to the big leagues in 2008 to face Cheick Kongo (via fiveouncesofpain)

"If Monson wins, he’ll fight once more in Sengoku in Japan," Hockensmith said. "Then he expects to return to the UFC. He’s had a lot of conversations with them." 

According to Hockensmith, the talks between the UFC and the two-time Abu Dhabi champion have progressed to a point that even a potential opponent has been discussed, with a future bout between Monson and Cheick Kongo discussed as a possibility.

 Monson's proposed return never occurred more then likely due to a legal issue in which he was caught doing graffiti on a Capitol Building and an army recruitment center in Olympia, Washington.Monson recently fought in Canada against and won via first round submission,the veteran will surely be back in the UFC if he can keep his current win streak coming. Possible interesting match ups include of the prospects in the UFC listed in part one.

4-Neil "Goliath" Grove


      (Grove) at the UFC 95 Weigh in , standing 6ft 6'and weighing 266 pounds 'The Goliath' is a 'true' Heavyweight.

Grove is a former UFC fighter  who was cut from the organisation after only one loss.The guy definitely deserves another chance when you haves guys like Tim Hague losing three in a row in the UFC then being called back after one or two wins.Since being cut 'The Goliath' has had three first round knockouts  against solid opposition in Alexey Oleinik (28-6-1),former UFC fighter Eddie Sanchez and UK Veteran Martin Thompson, he fought to a draw with prospect Stav Economou(10-1-1) and his only loss since his departure was to the undefeated Cole Konrad(7-0) who is the the Bellator HW champion and training partner of Brock Lesnar.He is an exciting fighter that could definitely be used for the European cards.Groves main discipline is Karate and he  holds a black belts in both Shodan in Gōjū-ryū karate.

5-Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz (7-2)


        Above:Cruz bloodies current UFC contender Frank Mir to win his debut and the spoil the champions return.

Marcio Cruz joined the UFC in 2006 as a rookie in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts with a record of 2-0.He is at a similar level to Big Nog and Fabricio Werdum as one of the best HW BJJ fighters.He holds third degree black belt under  Carlos Gracie Jr.In his UFC debut he was matched against the former champ Frank Mir which many saw as a 'gimme' fight for Mir but Cruz scored one of the biggest upsets of the year when he stopped the returning Mir in the very first round.

Cruz would go on to lose back to back fights in the UFC against Monson in a very lackluster fight that could have went either way and  to Arlovski at UFC 66 by KO in a fight there was controversy surrounding the ending as there some poor reffing.Cruz then left the organisation and has gone 5-0 since with wins versus Rafael Cavalcante (DQ), Dan Christison(18-7) and Choi Mu Bae(7-2 at the time).The 6-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, 5-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Champion would be a welcome edition the the current heavyweight division which holds many wrestlers and stand up fighters.

                                                 Part three to come soon ,hope you enjoy the read. Cormac

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