Another Rushfit Experience


I have been enjoying Snowden's review of GSP's Rushfit program and wanted to share my experience. 

I am 44 year old male with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, & high triglycerides. I am considered to be obese and started out last year with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 based on height and weight of 6'-220 lbs

My risk of a "cardiac event" on a scale of 1-10 was an 8.5

After this diagnosis, I started changing the way I ate and began working out with an older beachbody dvd called Power 90 which preceded the famous P90X. 

After about 6 months, my next metabolic panel (bloodwork) improved across the board and lowered my cardiac risk from 8.5  to 5.5 and my weight from 220 to 210. For some reason, I could never get below 210 even though I felt a lot better.

Still at 210 my BMI is 28.5 while my "ideal" is below 25 and 177 lbs. 

This is a long way of saying though I tried really hard and had some success, I still need to  lose 33 lbs

Watching MMA and the UFC in particular inspired me to take better care of my body and is what led me to choose GSP's program over the many other available programs.

While it is true that any workout program can be reduced to "eat less, move more" you still have to have the motivation to do it day in and day out, have an array of exercises that challenge you , and the willingness to overcome your desire to quit when work, life, etc present challenges. In other words it has to be super easy or you won't do it. 

I decided to test the waters and spend 60 bucks to change my life. 


The Assessment

At the beginning you are asked to do an assessment consisting of the max number of squats, push ups, sit ups, and burpees  you can do in one minute. 

Here's how I did against GSP, in order, squat, push up, sit up, burpee.

GSP - 75, 57, 55, 22

ME -  46, 25, 35, 12


Week 1&2


With my job going well and long hours, my workouts were intermittent and I missed a few, but I went thought each DVD and liked that they were tough but not overwhelming. No matter which exercise you do, you are effectively doing the assessment exercises for 25 minutes. This has left my body in a state of perpetual soreness and I like it. My legs, glutes, and lats remind me all day of what I did and what is in store for later. I also like the balance exercises but haven't done plyo yet. I bought a calorie counting/heart rate monitor for $60 at academy sports and it says I burn a little over 600 calories per workout and am generally in the 70-80% target zone.


I went shopping prior to starting  the first workout and bought egg whites, greens, a multi grain hot cereal , chicken and ground beef. Only the first 3 items not something I usually bought. I use a protein powder pre and post workout and usually have subway or power bars (or both) for lunch or pre dinner.

I eat the hot cereal and egg whites at home before I leave for work and do what I have to do foodwise for lunch on the road. I try not to eat carbs after 1pm. and at night, usually a some sort of stir fry or protein / veg dish. 


At first I was unsure of the simplicity of it all, but I have lost 5 pounds already and my pants sagging like a punk kid. I am excited because I had not been able to get below 210 for almost a year. Most of my excess weight is between my navel and hips so it is already noticeable. At the moment, I feel confident I can get to 177 by March  and be back in 34" or smaller jeans. I'm a loose 36" at the moment. 



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