UFC 125 Results: Dustin Poirier Upsets Josh Grispi

Photo by Scott Petersen via MMA Weekly

Dustin Poirier came into UFC 125 as a prohibitive underdog against Josh Grispi. Few gave the unknown Poirier much of a chance against the highly regarded Grispi.

No one told Poirier who came out and battered Josh Grispi for three rounds for a unanimous decision win.

Poirier came into the fight with some sharp kicks to the legs and body. Then he caught Grispi with a right that forced a clinch. From there Grispi pulled himself up onto Poirier and attempted to pull guard. He had to let go and they returned to a standing clinch. From there Poirier landed body shots and elbows. Then he went for the collar tie and began to land knees. He got the full Thai plum and landed some hard knees to the face. Grispi then shot in but ended up on his back. Poirier stepped back and let him up. Two front kicks to the body dropped Grispi. From his back Grispi tried for a leg lock but had nothing. Back on the feet Poirier battered Grispi standing then followed him to the ground. Grispi then latched on a kimura and fought for the tap out. But Poirier fended him off even when Grispi got full guard and seemed to have the arm extended.

The second started slower and Grispi seemed to be succeeding in slowing the pace. But then Poirier began to land. First a sharp elbow then a series of punches on the inside. Grispi went for a take down and briefly threatened with a guillotine. He then went for a triangle and then an arm bar. Poirier then began to land hard elbows from the top.Grispi then locked in a triangle attempt that resulted in Poirier escaping via a hard slam. From there the beating re-commenced. Body punches and then the Thai plum again for more knees. As the bell rang Grispi was covering but otherwise was defenseless as Poirier landed a series of hard punches in perfect combination.

It was more of the same to start the third. Poirier backed Grispi up, beat him up with punches and then again with knees from the Thai plum. Grispi tried for two more triangles but neither was on tight at all. With 2:40 left Grispi got the take down and worked for dominant position but Poirier got full guard. Grispi slipped to side control with 50 seconds left. Grispi worked for a submission but Poirier got back to guard.

The 22 year old Grispi has long been regarded as one of MMA's top prospects. He began his career at 18 and quickly reeled off a long string of wins via both submission and knock out. A lone loss via heel hook in 2006 is the only mar on his record.

Grispi finished every foe he faced in the WEC, notching his belt with the names of L.C. Davis, Jens Pulver, Micah Miller and Mark Hominick since signing with Zuffa. 

The 21 year old Poirier has one WEC wins on his record. He knocked out Zach Micklewright at WEC 52 in November. Before that he lost a decision to Danny Castillo at WEC 50.


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