UFC 125 predictions


  • Champ Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
    UFC Lightweight Championship

Personally I don't see this being much different from their first meeting. Edgar might use a bit more movement but in the end Grey will use his size and wrestling to control Edgar for 25 minutes.

Result= Maynard by decision  

I see this fight being all out action, both men are exciting and like to trade.If this is like any of Leben's fights expect a slug fest. Don't be surprised to see Stann look for a take down once he gets hit.But in the end Leben is much more experienced and too well rounded, I'll be surprised if Stann survives.

Result= Leben by 2nd round KO/TKO

Both men are coming off a long layoff and are desperate for a win s expect fireworks. Vera is technically the better striker but silva has the advantage with power with his strikes.This fight comes down whos in better shape and who wants it more.I expect both men to bring it , but Silva will have the advantage  with his aggressiveness.

Result= Silva by split decision 

Both these men bring high energy to the cage and expect action from the bell.I think that Gudia's only chance to win is to get a hold of Gomi and squeeze him for three rounds.I believe that Gomi has a huge advantage with his striking and will catch Gudia at some point and end the fight. Gudia's reckless style will be his downfall and he wall walk into a knee or punch.

Result= Gomi by KO/TKO first round

This fight is intriguing because both men are high level grapplers so expect a true chess match. I think that Kim might just be to strong for Diaz and have the ability to stuff his submission attempts and frustrate Diaz. Diaz is very dangerous off his back and has a nice triangle and will look to pull one off if hes on his back.

Result= Kim by decision 


Expect a technical stand up war with two guys who like to bang.Davis is making his debut at lightweight and it will be interesting to see how the cut effects him. I think that Stephens is going to be to fast for Davis and use movement to tire and then counter Davis. Davis will have to adjust and that might take a round or two, by then Stephens might have found his rhythm 

Result= Stephens by decision 

Poirier is a real knockout threat winning his last fight in 53 seconds and could pull an upset. However i think Grispi is just to good and will more than likely get the submission in the first round. This is Grispi's chance to make a statement in the 145 division. 

Result=Grispi by 1st round submission

Nunes is a tough guy and only having one loss is sure to be near the top of the division. But he is facing a different animal in Brown and i see him being in over his head and not making it out of the first round. 

Result= brown 1st round TKO 

This fight should be and all out war for  about two minutes untill Tavares goes down. Baroni is just to big and experienced for Tavares. Tavares's only change is to shot ofr a double leg from the opening bell.

Result= Baroni 1st round KO/TKO

This fight is intriguing because both men are up and coming guys with good skill sets. Soto is more wrestling based where as Roberts is well versed in submissions. ^think Soto will use his wrestling to control Roberts and grind out the decision win.

Results= Soto by decision 

Both men have a base in wrestling but , i'd have to give the advantage to Mckee due to his strength and experience. i see McKee being to much for Volkmann and dominating the fight.

Result= Mckee 2nd round TKO

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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