Make or Break 2 weeks for Tom ‘Kong’ Watson

First I would like to say that I’m not an expert on Watson and don’t claim to be but I just wanted to highlight how big September 10th and September 25th could be for this man. Hopefully you will learn something you didn’t know about this fighter in this fan post. Details after the jump.



On September 10th Tom ‘Kong’ Watson will step in the cage against Jesse Taylor at MFC 26 in his second fight for the promotion after his debut in February where he won Knockout of the Night honors. Watson is currently riding a 8 fight winning streak (4 KO's) and is in my opinion just on the verge of being picked up by a major promotion (Strikeforce would be perfect for him right now). Just a quick look sees Watson as a -230 underdog against Taylor. Now I don’t know much about Taylor but after a quick search I understand he has fought for UFC, Strikeforce and DREAM and seems decent but looks like he can’t compete when in big fights so this should be a good test to see where Watson is at right now. A big win here should really see a lot more attention for Watson in the hardcore community. This fight will do a lot more for his reputation than his next fight but this is the one I want to talk more about.

September 25th sees a quick turnaround for Watson as he faces Alex Reid at BAMMA 4. Now this is where things get interesting. First a quick background for anyone who doesn’t live in the UK and says ‘who the fu*k is Alex Reid?’ Well let me tell you. It’s unfortunate but let’s not kid ourselves here, the only man in the whole of the UK who could get ANY mainstream coverage whatsoever for MMA in the UK isn’t Lesnar or GSP, its Alex Reid. The self proclaimed ‘Cross-dressing cage fighter’ and husband of professional whore Katie Price won celebrity big brother and has in doing so become a household name. He has been appearing on TV shows to promote his fight and even has his own television show showing his ‘training’ for the fight. Also just to let you know, Reid hasn’t fought in 3 years and has lost his last 6 fights.

In theory, Watson has the potential to viciously knockout his opponent in the first round which, if it happens, will almost definitely be shown on major news programs. This will get more coverage to Watson and potential promotions would be silly to not put him and all of his coverage to their promotion.

So that was the point of this ramble just to let people know how important the next 2 and a bit weeks could be for this fighter. He could get another win in a viable promotion which will make him even more desirable and marketable to future promotions and sponsors and also get HUGE publicity for the sport unheard of in the UK ever by being the lucky guy who gets to show how much of a joker Reid is and let the UK know this sport isn’t some joke that Jordan’s husband partakes in for fun when he not sponging off her success.

Or he could lose to Taylor (which could easily happen) and look bad if he fails to finish Reid and waste the chance of his lifetime. Let’s see how it pans out.




\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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