Lyoto Machida Sportv Sensei Special Highlights 9/30/10 (video update)


Sportv Sensei made a special episode about the Dragon, the highlights after the jump:


Part I

Part II

--There is a small glitch around 2:38 because I cut the video since they were covering something else, I'm not good at editing :p


On Shogun

Business wise, a third fight would not be interesting, because the weight class has stopped with me in the middle of it. I fought Rashad and won, then Shogun, then I had a surgery, made my second fight with Shogun, now he had surgery, and now we would go to a third fight? So, the weight class is motionless for a year to a year and a half with just us two. Now, fighting wise, nothing would be more just than a third fight, because I won the first fight, it was a controversial decision, that’s okay, but I think the judges were well prepared to really judge the fight, and it’s not us that are on the outside watching the fight with distractions, without taking notes, that are going to say who won the fight. So I believe a third fight would be nothing more than fair to see who really deserves to hold the belt.


On the KO

That was the very first time I’ve ever been KO’d, I was never KO’d in training throughout my life, I didn’t even know how it felt to get a knock down, much less a KO. All of the sudden, I had the sensation of a knock out, of blacking out and not remembering what happened. Because you’re there in the middle of the fight, and all of the sudden you disconnect, you disconnect and when you wake up the guy is already celebrating his win, you don’t really remember much. Then you try to understand what happened, I wanted to see the video, I wanted to see how he was able to connect with his strike. Because I was comfortable in the fight, even though he had connected with a strike or two previously, I felt confident in the fight and thought I was doing well in the fight. I was on top, I was able to get two or three take downs, I can’t remember well, but I think it was two take downs to be exact. I landed a good knee. So the fight was unwinding, but it was still in the beginning [of the fight], so at that moment everything went black and I woke up to the referee giving the victory to Shogun, with all his merits, and that’s the sensation, I can’t describe it very well. It’s as if you went to sleep, and when you wake up everything is over. Shogun’s attitude in our fight, when he KO’d me, was such a good attitude, it was really sportsmanlike, he saw that I no longer had the condition to fight him and he didn’t even wait for the referee to interfere, he stopped right there and got up celebrating his victory, obviously, but his manner and his attitude shows that the sport is taking the route that everybody wants it to take, of respect, of fair play, he showed he’s a great fighter and a great person, and I respect him for that.


On his style:

My style is Karate, and I’ve been well studied. Until a while ago, I was an enigma, "damn, what is this guy going to do?" and so on. So now, I’m being well studied, and I’m also molding myself using my Karate, molding it to current situations. Because sometimes a strike that used to be effective is no longer effective because people have created a defense [for it], and I have to adapt my style to this situation so that I can strike in another form, perhaps a bit different, perhaps changing the angle, the timing, because everyone is studying [my old self].

On Rampage:

I’m used to the trash talk to build up a fight. What happened in the Shogun rematch was a bit different, it was something that everyone was talking about because of the first fight. There were no provocations between myself and Shogun, but instead there was the pressure on top of the fight that was going to take place. With Rampage is going to be different, I know that provocation exists, they will always exist. He can talk about me, he can say what he’s going to do and what’s going to happen, but I’m used to this, I can eliminate most of this, because I know that everything will be sorted out inside the octagon. All the pre-fight talk will be meaningless once the cage is closed and the referee tells us to fight.


On Rashad Evans/Shogun fight

Today anything can happen, today Shogun is the champion but Rashad comes from the Greg Jackson academy, which is a team that studies their opponents really well, and they go after the victory no matter how. Shogun will also create a strategy to go against Rashad. I think they are both capable [of winning]. Rashad can become the new champion again, or Shogun can remain champion. For me personally, I’d like to see Shogun winning this fight because I really want to fight him again. I say this here, with all my sincerity, I’d like for Shogun to win this fight, because besides the title remaining in Brazil, I’d have the chance to fight him, for me nothing would be better than to win the belt against Shogun. So I’d like him to win because I’d like another opportunity to fight Shogun.

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