Restraint, not violence, begets violence: On Bob Reilly

                Let me preface this piece with the full acknowledgement that by analyzing Bob Reilly’s comments, I am affording him the attention he so desperately seeks, and for that I feel cheapened and dirty. You have my apologies.

 However, to be clear, my argument, unlike most others I have seen, offers more than a few corrections of his assertions and counterpoints to his views. Such arguments legitimize his stance under the contention that his ideas are born of misinformation and misguided interpretation. As if his ideas are in some way the twisted spawn of ignorance and a misdirected crusade against violence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bob Reilly’s words are drenched in the primordial ooze from which all politicians evolve: social elitism. From the beginning of this clip to the end, and likely during the entirety of the interview we will hear later tonight, it is evident that Bob Reilly’s high opinion of himself, his class, and his culture, affords him the right to rescue us poor, lower forms of life from the behaviors we perpetuate and inflict upon one another.

The first glaring example he provides revealing his true nature, is the admission that MMA is popular because it is violent. As he concedes to this reality, his voice is appallingly soaked in overtones of elitism. He even uses the word “unfortunately,” to reassure us that he genuinely feels bad that the working class is being sold a bill of violence, and doesn’t know well enough to look away. Bob Reilly, the heroic watchdog, stepping in and stopping the evil snake-oil salesman from scamming the old, blind woman!

The second, and most disturbing instance in which his blue-blooded aristocracy soaks through his mask of false empathy, was so apparent and brazen that it shows just how righteous this man feels in controlling what other human beings do.

“What we want to do is control violence in every sport.”

Here, let me clean that up for you, Bob:

“What we want to do is control.”

Precisely.  As a member of the political class, he wants to control, and he feels ENTITLED, not RESPONSIBLE, to do just that. He is using violence as a vehicle to control. It’s a pretty good vehicle, as no good person could seemingly argue for it. He could care less about true violence. If at the next UFC event, the crowd broke into a riot that resulted in the serious injury of several people, Bob Reilly would have a hard-on that the most powerful horse tranquilizers couldn’t deflate, because it would provide the fuel for his vehicle of violence to drive us into his control.

Even if we pretend for a minute that his crusade against violence is genuine, which it most certainly is not, it would still only be for the purpose of stroking his own ego. This is what a lot of similarly minded people who AREN’T in power are guilty of. Saving the masses from themselves for the purpose of self gratification, the filthiest form of masturbation, in which Mr. Reilly’s aforementioned violence erection would certainly come in handy.

On to the next disembowelment of Bob Reilly’s shallow claims, the assertion that violence is bad for society. This statement is as inaccurate and ignorant as saying that sex is bad for society, or that eating is bad for society, or even that shivering is bad for society.

Violence is a base human instinct, a tool which we as a species have harnessed better than any other creature on Earth, as an evolutionary key to our survival. With its use, we have suffered great losses and have benefitted from great gains. And as with all other base instincts, to foolishly pursue control over it is an exercise in futility.

Human beings will always be violent. Our efforts would be much better spent trying to actively increase the level of good we do for one another, rather than to beat our heads against the brick wall of human imperfection. The only unforgivable form of violence is that inflicted upon the inborn rights of mankind, the murder of freedom through with the implementation of social control. With that being said, it is far more destructive to the human species to impede two free adults from engaging in mutual combat at their own will, than to simply let them spill each other’s blood.

With these arguments, rather than playing a game of “point-counterpoint” with Bob Reilly, I hope to have illegitimized his words entirely. It is dangerous to give credence to the arguments of those like Bob Reilly, because it removes many from the battle which his class is waging against us, by tying us emotionally to that which matters nothing to them.

Bob Reilly doesn’t care about MMA, we do. He will ultimately fail. However, others like him will grab hold of the next pawn, and it may or may not be something that invokes passion amongst us. Because of this, we must always expose the man behind the curtain, 'put their prissy little ass on the mat, and beat a hole into their heads.'

-Alex Bouillion

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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