Strikeforce's Stephen Quadros Getting Back in the MMA Media Game


Most fans know Strikeforce Challenger's announcer Stephen Quadros as part of one of the sport's iconic broadcast team. Along with Bas Rutten, Quadros called all of the early Pride events, infusing humor into a sport that had traditionally taken itself very seriously, and bringing life to what could have been deadly dull in studio commentary tracks.

What few remember is that Quadros was one of the pioneers of MMA journalism. He helped bring MMA to Black Belt Magazine, an outlet that was originally a vocal opponent of the sport. His spinoff magazine, Fightsport with Stephen Quadros, was a pioneering effort that helped open the newstand for FIGHT! Magazine and others to follow. "The Fight Professor" also hosted one of Sherdog's most popular podcasts before bowing out of the market. Now Quadros is making his return to the MMA media, hosting a new show on Xtra Sports 1360 (home of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the San Diego Chargers) that will be available online at "Clinch Gear Radio (With JD & The Fight Professor)". Quadros will be joined by award winning radio personality Jeff Dotseth and will run every Saturday from 11am-12noon PST. I caught up with Quadros to find out what exactly brought him back to the game.

Jonathan Snowden: Why did you want to make a return to the airwaves?

Stephen Quadros: I always liked doing radio. It's a blast and it keeps me sharp. I have entertained several "returns to the airwaves" in recent years but for one reason or another it wasn't the right situation. In this case I am attracted to Clinch Gear Radio for several reasons: 1) Xtra Sports 1360 has an established listener base in San Diego, which is huge market, 2) people who are outside of that area will be able to listen to each broadcast LIVE at, 3) each show will be archived at for future listens if you missed one, 4) my co-host, Jeff Dotseth is a well-known and respected professional radio personality and finally 5) we, the hosts, have control over our format and content.

Jonathan Snowden: Do you intend to cover UFC as well as Strikeforce events?

Stephen Quadros: Ha, you're such a kidder...of course we'll cover the UFC. Clinch Gear Radio's focus is MMA, and to put it lightly, the UFC is a massive component of that.

Jonathan Snowden:  How do you balance casual fans who will be listening terrestrially with the hardcore online audience?

Stephen Quadros: Our goal, besides having fun, and I hope I don't get into too much trouble for saying that openly, is to speak, and translate between both languages; that of casual fans as well as hardcores. We will strive to have that delicate, and unique balance between entertainment and "news". Casual fans are the bigger demographic, it's true, but admittedly I also occasionally enjoy the high-minded, self-created complexity of MMA-speak with hardcores as well.

Because of the effective outreach work done by great organizations like the UFC and Strikeforce, more people have interest in mixed martial arts than ever before, whether it be of the curious nature all the way to the addicted, statistic/data mongers. I feel because Jeff and I personally represent these two factions, the casual and the hardcore, we'll have a better blend on things, as opposed to having two casual guys or two hardcore guys.

Fittingly for a show sponsored by Clinch Gear, the first guest will be Clinch Gear owner and former Pride Champion Dan Henderson. The program debuts Saturday at 11 AM PST and you can listen nationwide at The call in number is 619-570-1360.

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