Georges St. Pierre Hits Manila - Highlights and Photo Gallery

Georges St. Pierre's visit to the Philippines had his schedule fully stocked with a myriad of PR duties, press conferences, radio and tv appearances. When he is not being mobbed by fans at the airport, at lunch (where he and his manager ate balut), at a party -- well, basically everywhere he went -- the UFC star still manages to continue training at least twice a day. Coming from 2 flights and an 18-hour trip, St. Pierre battled jet lag, met the fans, and even managed to have 7 workouts squeezed in his tiring 3-day schedule. Two of which includes a training session with Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach [video], and an open-work out in front of thousands and thousands of fans.

So why doesn't he just take a break and relax during his first visit to Asia? St. Pierre went on Boys Night Out and talked about staying disciplined to constantly keep improving:

"Yeah, I train always train everyday no matter what. I don't have a day off. I don't train hard everyday, like I trained really relaxed today. My mentality is that when I go sleep at night, I'm a better martial artist than when I woke up in the morning. So no matter what happens in my day, I know that at night, when I go to bed, I learned something new, and I'm a better guy than when I woke up in the morning"

St. Pierre is already considered as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, but to him, that isn't enough. The UFC welterweight champion addressed the Philippine crowd on his open-workout, and said that his goal is to be the guy that truly brings the sport of Mixed Martial Arts out in the mainstream:

"It's more than actually performing inside the Octagon. I want to be the guy that brings the sport of mixed martial arts into another level, to make the sport of mixed martial arts mainstream. That's one of the main reasons of why I am here. It's my first time in the Philippines, I want to promote the sport of mixed martial arts, and take away the stereotype."


"I want to be remembered as the best, but I also want to be remembered, like I said -- There is something more appealing [than] to be the best. I want to be the greatest. I want to be the guy that brings the sport to another level."

St. Pierre, who was blown away by the huge number of Filipino fans who came to see him, said after the open-workout that he would gladly headline a Philippine UFC card if the Zuffa brass finally decides to bring a show to the country -- and based on the ovation he got, Filipinos would surely love to see that as well.

After the jump, an exclusive photo-gallery from his open-work out dubbed as "GSP Hits Manila - Experience the Rush".








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