The scoop on BJ Penn and the Marinovich brothers.

I haven't seen any clear answer when it comes to Penn no longer training with the Marinovich brothers, so I emailed Marv Marinovich's training center and asked about his plans for training BJ going forward. I didn't expect a response, certainly not from him personally, but he wrote back pretty quickly and our (short) conversation went something like this....

Me: Big fan of the work the Marinovich brothers did with BJ Penn. Any contact with him about training him for future fights?

Marv: Hi Brandon, Thanks for your comments. No, my brother and I are not currently under contract with BJ for any training. Marv Marinovich

Me: That's unfortunate. His physique was obviously much improved after working with you guys and his conditioning is constantly called into question. I think he needs somebody consistently pushing him to his limits or he will only go so far. Have you tried to reach out to see if he wants to give it another go, or are you and BJ just going your separate ways? I'm just a curious fan and I really appreciate you responding. I wasn't expecting to hear back from you personally.

Marv: Yes, Gary and I have spoken with BJ since his recent Edgar fight, but nothing was arranged regarding our training him again. I think he must be happy with what his current trainers have been doing. Gary and I really enjoyed preparing him for the Florian and Sanchez fights since he was eager to learn a better way to train, and he was happy with the results. We would be glad to train him again in the future, but he's running out of time for proper conditioning before the Hughes fight. Hopefully he's conditioning well in Hilo.  BJ is a great guy, and Gary and I wish him the best no matter what training he does. Marv Marinovich


A couple of things stand out from this:

First, I was under the impression that Penn was working with the Marinovich brothers all the way up to his first Edgar fight. Marv's comments, and Penn's performance, tell me they parted ways after the Sanchez fight.

Second, Penn has said himself that he needs to take a look at his training camp moving forward; that he needs to make a change. Marv and Gary (yes, we are on a first name basis now that he has emailed me) are apparently willing to train him for the Hughes fight and understand what needs to be done, yet Penn hasn't made the decision to bring them back. It's clear that Penn's performances were lacking against Edgar, that he "didn't look right". It really is unfortunate that he hasn't made, what seems like, the easy decision to suck it up and go all out one last time. Hire the Marinovich brothers, do what they say, and win some more fights. 

I believe that Penn has a lot left in him if he can make the necessary changes to his camp. The dude is surrounded by yes men, when what he really needs is to be pushed. The Marinovich brothers are the guys that can do that. 



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