Can we give Ed Soares and Anderson Silva props?

Ok, if the gift that keeps giving, Chael Sonnen, turns out to be a cheater - which he is not until all the facts come out, can we say the following:

  • Ed Soares is a classy guy. He's had all the opportunity to bury Chael Sonnen with insults but he decided to remain classy.
  • "I'm going to consider the fight being a fight until told otherwise. If it is a mishap, I hope this whole thing gets straightened out.If this is true, I feel really bad for him. I don't think anybody is stoked to hear that, not even us. I'm bummed for him." -Ed Soares
  • With his rib injury and an opponent with an unfair advantage, the middle weight champion, Anderson Silva still found a way to win after 4.5 rounds of getting pummeled.

Now I'm aware that fans and bloggers like to paint Soares has an evil manipulating manager behind the scenes, even some fighters like Vitor Belfort followed the I-Can't-Stand-Soares party line but after actually reading what he said and his direct quotes, you have to give the guy some respect. Note, Vitor Belfort later apologized for in inflammatory comments but that wasn't as heavily publicized or commented on as his initial statements.

As far as the middle weight champion. When he wins, he still loses. For some odd reason he's still blamed for UFC 90, although there has never been a fighter that has steam rolled Patrick Cote standing. He's still judged as an arrogant prick for some reason or another but has yet to insult Chael Sonnen or throw pot shots at other fighters in order to market himself as a great champion.

If Chael Sonnen is found guilty of using banned substances and does not offer a rational explanation that goes beyond the regular excuses we've heard before then shame on him. I don't think $2,500 will hurt a fighter like him but I wonder if ESPN will continue to stand by him? But the bigger question here is, will Soares get his respect and will Anderson Silva actually get props? I really doubt it, because the post-UFC 117 was never about Silva and people will find more reasons to dislike Soares for whatever reasons they have although we really do not know him. I'm just asking.


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