The Ultimate Fighter Ultimate Moments: Five Segments That Resonate


At some point this season it will happen. You will know it when you see it - reality TV magic. A fighter will talk trash. Maybe he will shit in someone's bag. Perhaps even in an enemy's food. It could be a wacky iconoclast just being wacky. Almost certainly a door made mostly of cardboard will take a horrible beating.

Every season of The Ultimate Fighter has a memorable moment. These five, however, stand alone as the greatest moments in TUF history.


5. Junie versus the world: Junie Browning is like Chris Leben minus any of Leben's endearing qualities. Leben, to his credit, wasn't playing a character. He really was a damaged kid with a lot of issues and insecurities he masked with outlandish behavior. Browning just seemed like a drunken boor. One one memorable night he pushed things a little to far. Ryan Bader pushed back and chaos was the predictable result.

4. Team Dagger: The third season of The Ultimate Fighter was, to put it blunty, filled with assholes. Tito Ortiz was the most likeable coach, Michael Bisping introduced the world to, well, Michael Bisping, and Matt Hamill was the least endearing disabled athlete in history, kind of a deaf Matt Hughes. In the midst of the douche baggery came Kendall Grove and Solomon Hutcherson, straight acting bros who reached out across the aisle to form Team Dagger.

3. Do you wanna be a fighter?: It became obvious very early on that UFC President Dana White was being groomed to be the focal point of the promotion's public relations efforts. Here's the speech that inspired a billion internet jokesters.

"Let me explain something to everybody. This is a very—and when I say very, I mean very—unique opportunity. If you’ve ever wanted to really be a fighter (and when I say a real fighter, you wanna be like some of the guys on the wall in here), this is fuckin unbelievable. It’s an amazing opportunity, right? You don't have to worry about paying your fucking bills. You really don’t have to worry about whatever’s going out on in the real world right now. We’ve gotten some of the best grappling, boxing, muay thai coaches there are. You have nothing to fucking worry about every day except coming in and getting better at what supposedly you want to do for a living. You understand what I’m saying? How bad do you want it?

We picked who we believe are the best guys in the country right now. We did. And you guys are it. Fucking act like it, man. You are gonna fight in front of a lot of people. A lot of people. You have no fuckin clue at the opportunity that you have here. Any questions? Does anybody not want to be here? Does anybody not want to win this fucking thing? Does anybody not wanna fight? Is that a no? Talk to me. Do you wanna be a fucking fighter? Do you wanna be a fighter? That’s the question.

It’s not about cutting weight. It’s not about living in a fucking house. It’s about do you wanna be a fighter. It’s not all fucking ya know, signing autographs and banging broads when you get outta here. It’s not. It’s no fucking fun man. It’s not. It’s a job just like any other job. Being a fighter isn’t all fucking girls and signing autographs. It’s fucking hard work, but you have the opportunity to fuckin make money, be famous, and do something for the sport here. That’s what this is all about.

So the question is not did you think you had to make weight, but did you think you had to do this? Do you wanna be a fuckin fighter? That is my question. And only you know that. Anybody who says they don’t, I don’t fucking want you here. And I'll throw you the fuck outta this gym so fuckin fast your head will spin. It’s up to you. I don’t care. Cool?

Have a good night gentleman." —Dana White

2. The house fight: Fighting is okay in the cage. But when it goes down at the house, Dana White is not amused. Street fighter Marlon Sims and marine Noah Thomas go at it, egged on by Allen Berube. White wastes little time setting a precedent: all three are sent packing.

1. The hose, the window, the house: After Chris Leben spent much of the first season tormenting pretty much everyone in the house, Bobby Southworth and Josh Koscheck decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. An angry confrontation ensued and Leben, upset about being called a "fatherless bastard" sleeps it off in the yard. When Koscheck turned the hose on him, all hell breaks loose.

Honorable mention: Tito and Ken square off, Jorge Gurgel and Joe Stevenson in a physical challenge, Diego Sanchez and his chi, Luke Cummo being Luke Cummo, Michael Bisping picks on a deaf guy, BJ Penn demands fighters choose him over Jens Pulver, and Kimbo Slice makes a memorable appearance at the UFC Training Center.

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